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The Incredible Icelandic Mask Beauty Editors Are Obsessed With

Don’t be deterred by {Seamasque’s} sludgy colour… this incredible, skin-transformative formulation works actual miracles. Don’t believe us? Cult Beauty’s Co-Founder Alexia, say’s this ‘stands apart from all the others on the market!’ – high praise indeed, given that Lex has access to a never-ending stream of the latest (and greatest) skin care innovations…

So, what’s so amazing about it? Hannes Dóttir’s super-charged Icelandic {Seamasque} is the product of a (rather whimsical) story. Creator Janis Kristjanson was drifting off to sleep when she had an epiphany – a ‘lightbulb’ moment: a list of ingredients entered her head, which Janis believes was a ‘gift’ from her late grandfather Hannes (hence the brand name, Hannes Dóttir).

Firm in her belief that this list meant something special, she trusted her own intuition and through careful research and painstaking formulation, developed {Seamasque} – the first (and arguably the ‘hero’) product in the {Hannes Dóttir} range.

An entirely natural youth-activating treatment, Seamasque is already acquiring ‘cult’ status amongst beauty editors and industry insiders – all of whom are obsessed with its instant skin-firming and plumping prowess. 

Boasting organic Icelandic sea kelp – a potent source of energising minerals – alongside oxygenating glycerin, ‘lifting’ alum crystal, clarifying honey, soothing spearmint oil and tincture of iodine (to promote cellular regeneration and help soften visibility of lines), this mask has quick and cumulative benefits. 

From first use you will see a dramatic improvement in skin’s texture, tone and radiance. As Alexia testifies: “The results are miraculous. Redness disappears, scars fade and your skin is left wonderfully plump. It’s the ultimate quick-fix!”

Simply whip up one-to-two teaspoons in the palm of your hand with a few drops of water (or Hannes Dóttir’s {Mineral Mist}) to ‘activate’ the supercharged ingredients. Apply all over just-cleansed face and neck, then kick-back and relax for 10-20 minutes… once removed with a damp muslin cloth, you’ll unveil a smooth, supple and glowing complexion.


Verity Douglas

Verity Douglas

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