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These game-changing devices are phenomenal

A pioneering proposition, ReNew Lab’s range of cleansing brushes is game-changing. The first of its kind, the clinically-proven {LightBrush} combines cleansing with corrective light therapy to eliminate every last trace of make up, while triggering regeneration or combatting spot-causing bacteria with your choice of RED light (to kick-start collagen) or BLUE light (to combat blemishes). 

Developed by the brains behind several professional lasers and dermabrasion systems – Jonathan David – this intelligent, at-home device will rapidly reveal a smoother, clearer, younger-looking complexion… we caught up with its creator to learn more about the brushes’ cutting-edge technology.

{Cult Beauty} Hi Jonathan! Thanks for taking the time out to chat to us. First thing’s first, the Sonulase LightBrushes are revolutionary – the first of their kind. What gave you the idea?

{Jonathan David} We wanted to solve real problems with proven technology. For both problems – wrinkles and acne – the most effective tool we could create would have to combine treatment of both skin’s surface and lower layers. We created {Sonulase} for this reason.

{CB} Are they suitable for those with sensitive skins? Sometimes bristles can be too abrasive for particularly delicate complexions.

{JD} We designed Sonulase for all skin types and ages. There are two different speeds to cater to varying degrees of skin sensitivity.

{CB} Who should use the RED LightBrush – and how is the light beneficial? What does it DO (in layperson’s terms).

{JD} We all start off with plenty of collagen, giving us the smooth, wrinkle-free skin we have when we are young. Then, starting at around age 20, our collagen production rate slows down and wrinkles appear. RED light waves help to reinvigorate our cells and in turn, kick-start collagen production. Sonulase is good for anyone who is starting to see fine lines and wrinkles.

{CB} The brushes have two modes – cleansing mode and treatment mode. How often should you carry out each mode?

{JD} Use Sonulase daily as you would any other cleansing brush, either with cleansing mode only or with light and cleansing mode. Then twice a week use the light mode only to target wrinkles.

{CB} The BLUE LightBrush is anti-acne – how does the light combat blemish-causing bacteria.

{JD} The BLUE LightBrush does double duty on acne prone skin. The brush helps clean and exfoliate the surface, keeping your pores clear. The BLUE light targets bacteria in the pores to reduce breakouts.

{CB} And how long does it usually take to see results – for both the RED and BLUE LightBrushes?

{JD} With both devices, people immediately notice softer, smoother skin on the surface, while the light therapy starts showing more dramatic results in 4-6 weeks.

In clinical trials, 86% of testers reported an improvement in fine lines and wrinkles, while 100% said that their skin looked cleaner, brighter and showed an overall improvement in appearance over the course of the 6-8 week testing period.

{CB} The self-sterilising CleanLight mode is ingenious. What made you decide to implement this functionality?

{JD} We conducted focus groups and learned that people loved their cleansing brushes but were “grossed out” by bacteria. So we set out to solve the problem. Our CleanLight is the same as that used in the medical industry to sterilise the tools and implements used by surgeons and dentists. The mode kicks-in as soon as the brush is replaced in its cradle, and operates on a loop so you can rest-assured that your brush head is always ultra-hygienic and ready for use.

That said, we do recommend that you replace your brush head every 90 days or so – purely because the bristles can get a bit ‘scruffy’ and splayed (like a toothbrush).

{CB} And finally, what’s next for ReNew Lab? Do you have further incarnations of the LightBrush in development?

{JD} We insist on innovation and finding new ways to solve people’s problems. Doing things differently and improving on what came before us is the only way we create value to society. This is important. We have several beauty devices that will be released next year. Each one is, in our eyes, a true innovation and like {Sonulase}, will completely redefine its category. Watch this space…


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