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Non-Suffocating Hydrators For Hot Weather

If you’re sweating like a sinner in church, a mist is just the tonic refreshing and quenching thirsty skin in one. {Tata Harper’s Hydrating Floral Essence} is just the tonic; it’s 100% natural but hard-working to boot, with 19 active ingredients and a decent dose of natural hyaluronic acid (a ‘humectant’ which draws moisture into the skin). Plus it’s got calming witch hazel for skin that’s red and irritable.

The idea of slathering on a day cream, followed by a layer of foundation in high summer is enough to make some of us draw the blinds and stay indoors watching Murder She Wrote. That’s where a tinted moisturiser like {Omorovicza’s Complexion Enhancer SPF 15} comes in. Gorgeous smell aside (very important!), its feather light texture absorbs in a flash and delivers a subtle coverage. There are skin plumping ingredients plus that all-important SPF in there too; basically a one-stop-shop for summer skin.

If you want your skincare with a hefty side of anti-ageing ingredients, you might want to try the clever {Nano Hydrator} from skincare guru to the stars Sonya Dakar. As well as plumping and moisturising to the max, it goes deep into the skin tissue to recharge it from within. Among the hi-tech ‘wonder’ ingredients is a cocktail of potent anti-oxidants with some serious regenerating powers that would impress Dr Who…

If you suffer from oily skin, the clammy hot weather can be the bane of one’s existence. To avoid the break out from hell, opt for the {Alpha H Clear Skin Hydrator Gel} (yes, from the people who brought you the famous Liquid Gold). This refreshing gel with cooling eucalyptus is the next best thing to putting a cold flannel over your face. The balancing Vitamin B3 prevents your pores going into oil overdrive, while tea tree and witch hazel bring the anti-bacterial powers to prevent pesky blemishes.

Lastly, calling all dry skin-sufferers: {HealGel Face} has a triple-phase hyaluronic acid complex for some serious skin-plumping, together with a special omega oil blend to boost elasticity. And all of that is cleverly combined in a non-greasy gel texture. Impressive innit?


Verity Douglas

Verity Douglas

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