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Don’t neglect your neck’ – Su-Man Shares her Expert Tips

‘The neck is the most active and mobile area of the spine’ says Su-Man. ‘The skin is generally quite fragile and the constant movement – coupled with a lack of oil production – can cause wrinkles and creases to develop much more quickly than they do elsewhere.

‘It is also exposed to the sun just as much as the face – and sometimes even more during the summer – but still it tends to be overlooked. I’ve noticed from many of my clients that post-summer holidays, the neck region seems to have aged considerably more than the face – due to neglect and not really understanding how to care for the area properly.

{Skin Care}

‘Cleanse your neck every morning and evening – just as you would your face. I recommend my {Purifying Cleansing Gel Oil} to eliminate grime and impurities whilst keeping skin supple and smooth. 

‘Exfoliate regularly with my {Exfoliating Facial Polish} – this will buff away dead skin cells and condition the ‘new’ cells beneath, and always keep your neck hydrated. My {Rehydrating Toning Essence} has a lightweight texture that sinks into skin super swiftly, to maintain moisture levels without feeling greasy.


‘Once you’ve completed your skin care ritual, take a few moments to complete the process with a neck massage. I like to work my {Velvet Skin Moisturising Cream} into the throat and chest area – make sure you use a generous amount to avoid dragging or stretching the delicate skin.

‘Lift you chin slightly then, using the index, middle and ring fingers, ‘brush’ from the collarbone, up to your chin in firm ‘sweeping’ movement. Repeat six times, morning and evening, to not only keep creases at bay but also prevent the development of a double chin and sagging muscles.

‘Follow by using the middle finger to massage underneath the ear lobe, then down the side of the neck. Again, repeat six times before using four fingers to brush from the back of the neck to the front (again, repeat six times).

‘Finish with six outward to inward strokes beneath the collarbone – use firm but gentle pressure to stimulate circulation, encourage lymphatic drainage and strengthen the skin. This is also a great way to release any tension or discomfort in your neck.’

With these simple steps, you will soon see an improvement in the tone and texture of this fragile skin. The {Skin Reborn Essential Discovery Collection} is the perfect way to fall in love with Su-Man’s stunning range – and develop good ‘neck care’ habits.

Su-Man was kind enough to send each CB Team member one of these trios to try and we can testify enthusiastically to the efficacy of this gorgeous skin care collection. The {Exfoliating Facial Polish} is a particular favourite – we’re addicted to its potent, black-coffee fragrance and brilliant, skin-brightening abilities.



Verity Douglas

Verity Douglas

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