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How to hot cloth cleanse

Whether your routine is ultra-regimented or you merely dabble in skin care, washing your face is now – very definitely – a ‘thing’. Where I once blithely smeared my face with the very same soap suds I used on my body (EMPHATIC GASP), I am now a veritable cleansing wise-woman, preaching the combined ‘double cleanse’ and ‘hot cloth’ gospels, to anyone naive enough to listen.

I’ve discussed the ins and outs of double cleansing {here}, but the ‘hot cloth’ method is well deserving of a dedicated explanation. The premise is not just to take your cleanser off – but to gently buff skin, whilst helping any oils, or active ingredients to penetrate pores and loosen any leftovers… whatever they may be.

ALWAYS take your make up off beforehand (we rate Bio-Essence’s {Miracle Bio Water Jelly Make Up Remover}). Otherwise, you’re not only muddying a nice clean facecloth, but also smearing a grubby, grimy make up/dirt concoction repeatedly across your face – which, one could argue, defeats the purpose. Apply a cleansing oil or balm – such as Tata Harper’s {Nourishing Oil Cleanser} or Omorovicza’s gorgeous {Thermal Cleansing Balm} – directly to dry skin, focusing on the eyes to dissolve your mascara, then massage in small circles until you look like a horrorshow. Use warm (running) water to emulsify the mess you’ve made, and rinse away as much as possible before lightly drying skin with your freshly-washed flannel or muslin – Emma Hardie’s {Dual Action Cloths} are UH-mazing.

Now, for the serious bit… Your skin should still be just damp, as you apply a reasonable blob of balm or cream cleanser – MV Organic’s {Gentle Cream Cleanser} is bursting with essential oils of rose, chamomile and mandarin – all over your face (and oft-neglected neck!). Massage, massage, massage using firm fingertips, but be careful not to drag your skin – especially around the eyes, where it’s naturally less elastic. Now fill the basin with hot hot – but not too hot – water, and soak you face cloth before wringing out any excess.

Lay the cloth delicately over your face, so the steam can open up your pores and help the cleanser penetrate. The essential, skin-nourishing oils and active ingredients will help to ‘seal in’ precious moisture – especially when followed up with serum, or your night cream. Repeat this process a couple of times, then turn the tap back to lukewarm, rinse your flannel and use the cloth to polish your skin in small circles – removing any residue and exfoliating even sensitive complexions without ruffling their feathers.


Verity Douglas

Verity Douglas

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