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Sonic Waves: The Secret To Your Best Skin EVER

Foreo LUNA Play Review

I feel like I’ve spent two years waxing lyrical about Foreo’s {LUNA} and its phenomenal face-washing properties (more on that {here}… and {here}), but now the sonic skin care wizards have introduced another anti-ageing gizmo, this time to target the fragile eye area (and good news… it subscribes to Foreo’s signature ‘sex toy’ aesthetic). But on a serious note…

‘Why are sonic waves so beneficial?’ you’d do well to wonder. Starring T-Sonic technology, Foreo’s devices pulsate up to 8000 times per minute – think ‘power plate’ for your complexion. These good vibrations work in many ways – the faster, higher frequencies have a more superficial action; dislodging dirt and dulling dead cells whilst enhancing the efficacy of your skin care – while the lower frequency pulsations provoke a longer-lasting, cell-stimulating effect.

Intrigued? With {LUNA Play} you can experience Foreo’s sonic skin-cleaning prowess for a purse-friendly £29. Scarcely larger than a cotton pad, the mini-mini gizmo has a limited life (it’s good for approximately 100, one minute uses), and comes in a spectrum of bright, eye-catching shades so it won’t disappear in the depths of your make up bag. Perfect for travel, it’s also great for teens – or those who want to see results before committing to a ‘grown up’ LUNA.


And if crow’s feet are your biggest bugbear, then {IRIS} (for eyes, geddit?) has two modes and eight speeds, to wage ware on all of the primary signs of ageing, stress and fatigue. Its ‘Pure Mode’ is the perfect way to encourage elimination of accumulated toxins, ‘flushing’ the fluid that pools beneath the eyes and contributes to bags and puffiness. Just 30 seconds underneath each eye will help to instantly restore a ‘well-rested’ appearance while enhancing penetration of your eye serum or cream.

Fore IRIS Illuminating Eye Massager

The specialist ‘Spa Mode’ then simulates fingertip massage – mimicking the ‘tapping’ technique that kick-starts sluggish skin cells and increases circulation. Greater blood-flow means more oxygen – the fuel that fires up your fibroblasts and supports manufacture of the skin-essential scaffolding. By feeding your cells’ engines, they’ll work harder to produce the good stuff (collagen and elastin) – responsible for skin’s strength and density – which in turn, delays development of wrinkles.

I use my {LUNA} twice a day, every day without fail. First to cleanse, then to combat my persistent scowl scars, laughter lines and the increasing quantity of creases. I am, however, firm in my belief that this has kept the worst at bay – yes, I’m getting older (*waaaaaiiiiils*) but my wrinkles are still relatively superficial and even my frown furrows have stayed barely visible unless I’m frowning… which is worryingly often.

The {IRIS} is next on my wishlist – if anything can exhibit a tangible effect on my around-the-eye fine lines, I’m confident that this is it. There’s a reason Foreo have scooped up no end of prestigious industry accolades, so I’m entrusting this to kick some serious ‘crow foot’ butt.


Verity Douglas

Verity Douglas

Content Editor

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