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Karen Cummings-Palmer Shares Top Tips For Spring Wellbeing

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Now that winter is bowing out (LATERZ COLD!), we’re collectively preparing for warmer weather, summer holidays and liberating limbs from cosy chrysalises (SO LONG LAYERS). We’ve also lost the excuse to remain indoors devouring cake and watching every. episode. of SATC from the start, so we consulted top health and nutrition (and Cult Beauty) expert {Karen Cummings-Palmer}, who shared her tips for boosting energy, enhancing our immunity and banishing post-hibernation bloat.

“Firstly, I don’t really get this obsession with January detoxing. In the early months of the new year, we’re all a bit heavier, colder and poorer than we’d like to be, which is why I advocate waiting ’til now to hit the re-set button and re-assess health and wellbeing on a deeper (more sustainable) level.

“Really simplistically, it’s true that we very much are what we eat however, this only applies if we’re able to fully absorb all the nutrients we’re putting in. This is were probiotics come into their own – assisting digestion, eliminating toxins and bolstering the ‘good’ bacteria that helps to keep us fighting fit and energised. So many of us feel sluggish, bloated, tired all the time… and KIKI Health’s {Body Biotics} are an amazing (painless!!) way to give your gut a kick-start and promote efficient waste elimination.

“The benefits are practically boundless. Not only are they brilliant post-winter – especially if you’ve recently been on a course of antibiotics (which wipe-out bad and good bacteria) – but they’re brilliant for beating bloating, calming irritable bowel… even boosting beauty.

“If you’ve a toxic build-up in the stomach, it’s reflected in the clarity of your complexion. Any chronic skin issue – acne, eczema, psoriasis, rosacea – could be helped by probiotics. At the very least, taking a probiotic supplement is proven to be beneficial for digestion, so there’s no reason not to try for 6-12 weeks. It certainly won’t do you any harm!

“I suggest taking a course at least once every quarter. I have eczema and take {Body Biotics} almost all the time to keep my skin happy. If I run out and forget to replenish, I immediately notice an improvement in my skin once I resume – it’s the kind of benefit that’s so gradual and insidious, its easily taken for granted (but that doesn’t mean it isn’t there).

“It’s also really good to ‘alkalise’ your system first thing upon awaking. Have warm (NOT HOT – it’s bad for your teeth) water with a little bit of lemon. Although this might seem counterintuitive (lemon being citric), this helps to up your body’s pH levels which wards against development of disease.

“Follow with a hearty breakfast. I’ve stressed the importance of ‘breaking your fast’ with a nutritious, protein-rich meal {before} – otherwise your organs begin leaching ‘fuel’ from elsewhere (your skin, hair and nails will be first to tell tales). I’m a huge advocate of eggs, or a protein shake enriched with a shot of KIKI’s {Aloe Ferox}. It’s incredible for digestion as well as being powerfully anti-inflammatory and brilliant for those with dry skin issues – healing and hydrating from the inside-out.

“And of course, always eat your greens (or, take KIKI’s {Nature’s Living Superfood}). Think of this as health insurance – an easy way to boost immunity, enhance metabolism and support skin, hair and nails.”



Verity Douglas

Verity Douglas

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