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We Talk Supplements with Karen Cummings-Palmer

Karen Cummings-Palmer Nutritional Expert

Karen Cummings-Palmer

Inspiring, encouraging and effortlessly elegant, our nutritional expert {Karen Cummings-Palmer} took precious time out of her cuh-raaaazy-busy schedule, to chat to us about supplements, breakfast and (most importantly), working within the context of real life – we’re all time-poor (something Karen knows only too well), but as she enthusiastically explained, there are short-cuts and work-arounds to help you stay healthy and beautiful.

“It’s all about breakfast” said Karen, who was eager to stress that without the right fuel, your body focuses what little energy it has on keeping organs working. So, not only will you lack the extra get-up-and-go (which is why we feel compelled to turn to short term boosters such as caffeine), but your skin, hair and nails are deprived of the energy that drives cells – so you quickly start to look a little lack-lustre. “Skipping breakfast is the single most ageing thing you can do” – which, as a regular breakfast fore-goer, appalled me much more than my everyday lethargy! Karen recommends eggs – boiled, poached, fried or mixed with vegetables to make an omelette – their protein-richness is the perfect kick-start your body needs; as well as being brilliant for beauty (because we’re all a little superficial, sometimes). And for those ladies who say “But who has time to make eggs every day?” Karen has this answer: “Set an egg to boil before you shower. If you spend the average 6 – 7 minutes in there doing what you need to do, the egg will be done by the time you emerge.” So now there’s simply no excuse…

And for those who have the same thing for breakfast day in, day out, Karen urges you to mix things up a little! “Our stomachs are at their most sensitive – and receptive – in the mornings, so treat your body to the different things it needs when it’s most eager to accept them.” Which means eggs and asparagus, perhaps some smoked salmon (but only once or twice a week – the smoking process creates carcinogens, which are harmless in small quantities but it’s never wise to overdo it), grilled tomatoes and scramblers, or porridge (but in moderation). Karen recommends eating oats on days when you know you’ll lunch early (contrary to popular belief, oats don’t ‘fill you up’ for longer) and you get more sustenance from protein rich food groups. That said, porridge is comforting and high in fibre, which helps to cleanse your system – and if you want some added protein, mix with chia seeds (or Boku’s {Super Protein}) for extra nutritional oomph.

Boku Super Food Nutitional SupplementSupplement wise, Karen rates BeautyWorksWest’s {Youth}; “It’s a really pure blend of free-radical busting marine algae and skin firming amino acids, making it the perfect beauty booster and essential for those who still occasionally skip breakfast.” Similarly, Boku’s {Super Food} is ideal for cramming those essential fruit-and-veg derived vitamins and minerals into your system, when you have no time to chomp your way through an entire spectrum of the real thing. As Karen points out, “most of us have bought into the idea that more greens = better health, but consuming our daily 5 – 8 is a tough call for many of us. Boku’s organic {Super Food} is nutrient dense and as well as being packed with the usual super heroes like chlorella, spirulina and broccoli, it includes blackcurrant, purple grape and táke mushrooms to create an immune-boosting, skin-enhancing glass of green, that tastes as good as it feels”.

Strong Nutrients Antarctic KrillKaren also recommends taking an omega capsule daily; “Omega 3 really is golden and you can believe the hype – it supports almost everything from skin to brain function. But that said, not all omega supplements are equal – you need a highly purified version, and as omegas 6 and 9 are fairly readily available in our diet, I recommend sticking to pure omega 3 for a great anti-inflammatory, all round health supplement”. Strong Nutrients’ {Antarctic Krill (Omega 3 Oil)} is meticulously sourced and harvested from pristine Antarctic seas, especially low in common pollutants such as heavy metals and dioxins. Omega 3 is rich in Essential Fatty Acids which are proven to help improve blood cholesterol levels, reduce the likelihood of heart disease, regulate psychological function, help prevent diabetes, minimise instances of depression, increase bone strength, protect against dementia and delay the ageing process. Sounds good to us…


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