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Ingredient in Focus: Blue Tansy

The Skincare Benefits of Blue Tansy

Blue tansy is having its turn in the spotlight – justifiably so, given its incredible (and seemingly innumerable) skin-perfecting properties. Native to North America, it is hardly surprising that it is two of the continent’s best-loved, natural skin care ranges that have been amongst the first to tap into its myriad benefits. Both May Lindstrom’s beautiful {The Blue Cocoon} and Sunday Riley’s {Luna Sleeping Night Oil} are rich in cobalt-coloured blue tansy oil – steam-distilled from the petals and leaves of the common daisy’s second cousin (twice-removed).

Used in ancient Egyptian, African and Mediterranean cultures, blue tansy is also a key ingredient in contemporary Chinese medicine (it’s an important Qi regulator). Calming and re-balancing, the plant’s aromatherapeutic properties are manifold; the oil is virtually unrivalled when it comes to soothing symptoms of hayfever, sinusitis or other inflammation of the sinuses and middle ear. It’s also trusted with bringing relief from neuralgia, headaches, anxiety and general misery (it’s a blue blues-banisher).

We asked May Lindstrom about why she was so drawn to blue tansy from a skin care perspective, and she was eager to stress its prowess. ‘I stumbled across blue tansy deep within the pages of an aromatherapy book and was entranced by its use – revered for its ability to alleviate anxiety, regulate sleeping patterns and counter that horrible ‘out of control’ feeling most of us suffer at some time.’

Having carried out some independent research, May discovered that the benefits its known for from a sensory perspective, are also experienced topically. ‘Blue tansy releases heat, reducing redness and inflammation and targeting super-hard to treat issues such as eczema, psoriasis, dermatitis, rosacea and acne. It’s a total powerhouse, and my absolute favourite ingredient of the moment. It’s the star behind {The Blue Cocoon} and is, quite literally changing lives, my own included. Magical!’

Sunday Riley Luna Sleeping Night Oil

In the impatiently-awaited {Luna Sleeping Night Oil}, blue tansy (Tanacetum Annuum) oil is coupled with retinol – renowned for its cell-stimulating properties – to calm signs of stress and encourage repair as you slumber. The elixir itself is a beautiful, deep ultramarine which absorbs almost instantly when pressed into newly-cleansed skin before bed. Incredibly replenishing, our Marketing Manager, Jennifer is obsessed with its impressive, healing capabilities. Chronically dry, Jen’s skin is very easily offended – sensitive and quite congested, she is always on the lookout for a product that will unruffle her face’s feathers.

‘Within a week of using {Luna} everyone remarked on how much better my complexion looked. Not only is it the most BEAUTIFUL addition to my bedside table, but I’ve developed such a strong attachment to this blue skin saviour, that I quipped you’d need to prise it from my cold, dead hands (seriously though).’

An indulgent night-time serum, just work a few drops into clean, dry skin before bed – gently warming and massaging to ensure the oil has penetrated properly (and won’t stain your pillowcases). You can follow up with {Good Genes} if you need a brightening boost – the two together work to maximise skin’s radiance, for unparalleled ‘get up and glow’.



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