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We caught up with skin care guru Dr. Goldfaden about his range, plant stem cells and the brand’s stance on ‘natural’

{Cult Beauty} Firstly, can you expand a little bit upon your background and what prompted you to develop the range?

{Dr. Goldfaden} “I’ve always wanted to help people,” says Dr. Goldfaden. After a bout with a serious skin problem during his first year of medical school, he was drawn to specialise in dermatology. “My skin problem was so uncomfortable both physically and psychologically, but after a visit to a dermatologist, I was amazed by how quickly – and successfully – they were able to treat my condition. This impacted on my life so positively, and is the main reason I went into dermatological practice.”

Practicing in South Florida for over 40 years, Dr. G first received his dermatological training at the prestigious University of Miami School of Medicine. It was after treating his patients’ skin for everything under the Florida sun that Dr. Goldfaden became a veritable expert on day-to-day problems including early ageing, sun damage, wrinkles and skin cancer.

{CB} Goldfaden MD is particularly unusual, in that it’s a ‘Doctor’ brand with a natural message. Why was the ‘natural’ story so pivotal?

{DG} Frustrated by the dermatological products readily available for his patients’ skin issues, Dr. Goldfaden, a healthy-living advocate, began to seek out alternative approaches including natural remedies and more potent, prescription-strength ingredients. He discovered there could be a balance between the two – using dermatological resources and efficacious naturals – and set out to create the {Goldfaden MD} product line.

“I wanted to bring products to market that deliver the highest level of potent actives, all based on naturally-derived ingredients. We are result focused and naturally conscious – this is our quality guarantee.”

{CB} ‘Natural’ is quite an ambiguous term – it’s a bit of an ‘umbrella’ word, which means markedly different things in different contexts (and countries). What does ‘natural’ mean to you?

{DG} Toxic synthetic chemicals are the biggest issue and most talked about topic in the beauty industry today. {Goldfaden MD} is focused on antioxidants and the benefits of active plant-based complexes that offer the highest level of efficacious results. We don’t put harsh ingredients into our products that cause irritation to the skin and all of the ingredients used within the formulas are extracted from naturally-derived ingredients. All of the Goldfaden MD products are formulated without parabens, petrochemicals, mineral oils, alcohol, silicones or gluten – they are 100% vegetarian, hypo-allergenic and never, ever tested on animals.

Dr. Goldfaden

{CB} The brand’s Purflora Complex is a core ‘ingredient’ throughout the range. Can you explain – in layperson’s terms – what this is? How is it derived and what does it do (on a cellular level).

{DG} The Plant Profusion range is a breakthrough anti-ageing collection that combines potent skin tightening, strengthening and hydrating agents that work together to diminish the appearance of fine lines and sagging skin on the face, around the eyes and on the neck and décolleté. Detoxifying enzymes protect against DNA damage and stimulate the synthesis of collagen production improving overall healthy skin function, including circulation.

Purflora complex is an exclusive, powerful blend of carefully cultivated plant stem cell actives and botanical extracts formulated to effectively rejuvenate the skin by increasing cell turnover, reducing inflammation and improving luminosity to reveal a fresher, smoother, more radiant looking skin tone. The superior antioxidant benefits of natural raspberry leaf and comfrey leaf stem cell actives, along with white tea leaf, garden cress sprout and birds of paradise extracts offer the exceptional ability to enhance the skin’s appearance and target the main ageing concerns – wrinkles, anti-oxidant protection, brightening, and detoxification – that work on multiple cellular levels to allow for a potent packed anti-ageing delivery system.


{CB} You talk about ‘stem cell actives’. Obviously, we’ve all heard the term ‘stem cells’, but can you talk us through their action when it comes to skin care? What exactly are they?

{DG} Plants have stem cells. Like humans, plant stem cells depend on epigenetic control and signals from surrounding cells for their development. Unlike humans, however, each plant-derived adult stem cell possesses the ability to generate a whole new plant. Scientists have found a way to harness the power of plant stem cells by growing plant tissues in culture. The technique is a relatively simple one. First, viable tissue is obtained from a source plant. This material is called an explant. Next, a small cut is made in the explant. New cells form on the surface of this cut in an attempt to heal the wound. This colourless mass of cells is called a callus. The slowly dividing cells of a callus are undifferentiated cells that lack the characteristics of normal plant cells.

To clarify the biggest misconception in using plant-based stem cells: science has not been able to substantiate that plant-based stem cells have any effect on the reproduction of human skin cells, but plant stem cells still have massive anti-ageing benefits. Plant-based stem cells are cultured in labs away from pollution and pesticides. We have more control over the quality and quantity of the active substance the plant produces. The extraction technology also gives us access to obtaining purer ingredients because toxins or chemicals sneaking in from an outside source do not compromise them.

Plant-based stem cells contain high levels of active proteins, which work topically to regulate the stem-cell division in our skin cells. They essentially act as a massive protective barrier for the skin to allow our cells to regenerate at a healthy speed without being compromised by external factors including pollution and UVA/UVB rays – in turn, allowing for an increased plumpness, collagen and elastin boosting treatment. Studies have indicated that plant-based stem cells have been proven to protect and preserve the youthful look and vitality of your skin in ways never before possible and this is what makes them so attractive as key actives in topical products.

Interview with Dr. Goldfaden

{CB} For somebody new to the range, which product do you think is guaranteed to kick-start their Goldfaden obsession – what is the ‘hero’?

{DG} {Doctor’s Scrub}. Our ruby crystal infused microdermabrasion exfoliator offers immediate total skin rejuvenation – overall re-texturisation and an infusion of hydrating emollients, nutrients and vitamins back into the skin. Complexion is left glowing, hydrated, smooth and prepped for deeper penetration of topical treatments.

{CB} And finally, if you could share one beauty ‘pearl of wisdom’ – what would it be?

{DG} In conjunction with maintaining a proper diet, exfoliate regularly and make sure that you are using a daily sunscreen to protect against UVA/UVB rays which lead to premature ageing. These two vital steps in a proper skincare regimen are the two biggest mistakes that I see people make because without them, treatment actives are not able to penetrate and/or repair the skin properly.


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