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Ones to Watch: The 2016 Beauty Trends to Adopt Now

South Korean Skin Care

You know us. Always with our fingers on the beauty pulse/eyes on the prize/nose to the ground, busy on our quest to sniff out the next SUPER CULT thing. And because we’re nice like that (and we’re expecting PRIZES for our psychic accuracy), we thought we’d share our 2016 trend predictions.

K-Beauty (or Korean skin care) was hailed as a trend early last year, but the influx of all things from SoKo shows no sign of losing momentum. We’ve got exciting Asian beauty launches in the pipeline and were ecstatic to add {TONYMOLY} to our hall of fame. Ultra cute, covetable and remarkably innovative, every CB Team member now has a fruit-shaped hand cream sitting on their desk.


DNA Repair Enzymes are phenomenal things. Nobel Prize-winning science, these clever creatures can identify and ‘cut out’ damaged DNA before filling the gaps with the good stuff. This means that when cells replicate, they’re healthy as opposed to being weakened or mutated. DNA Repair Enzymes occur naturally, but levels deplete as we grow older (*cruel*), which is why {DNA Renewal} founder Dr. Ronald Moy – a pioneering research scientist, specialising in the fields of ageing and skin cancer – sought to develop a range which harnessed this technology. The result? Skin that not only looks younger, but gradually becomes so. We’re besotted with the {Eye Renewal} and are excited by the brand new {DNA Defense SPF 50+} – the next generation of sunscreen.


We’ve done the double-cleansing thing and worked our way through every post-procedural step (toner/essence/serum/oil and so on)… all brilliant and definitely worthwhile. But now, it’s all about the pre-treatment – finding new, exciting ways to eke the maximum from every skin care step – including cleansing. Steaming skin is something that the South Koreans are all over (naturally), but it’s beginning to gain ground on a global level. Holding your face over a bowlful of evaporating water (preferably infused with something fancy – like SkinOwl’s {Beauty Steam}) helps your complexion to surrender all the toxins its been harbouring and in turn, absorb beautifying vitamins and minerals.


Power palettes are, ‘a thing’ – and none are as sought after as Morphe Brushes’ 35-pan drool-inducers. Whenever we re-stock the coveted {35O} it sells out within seconds, and we think the demand is due (in part) to the ever-growing prevalence of make up ‘how tos’. It has never been easier to master a smoky eye or statement beauty look, and with bloggers serving up a constant stream of Insta-inspo and YouTube masterclasses, Morphe’s palettes allow amateurs to make up like a pro. Join the waitlist to ensure securing your most-wanted option.


Speaking of the social scene, Insta-brands are going to be HUGE. Kick-started by Anastasia Beverly Hills’ collaboration with Amrezy, established brands have started teaming up with social media sensations (think BECCA and Jaclyn Hill) and now, it’s time for these business savvy make up maestros to fly solo, a la Huda Kattan – one of the world’s most-followed women. Her range of eyelashes – {Huda Beauty} – is flying from Cult Beauty’s shelves and we’re expecting many more great things from her, as well as some new ranges from her fellow influencers.


If you told us just two years ago that lip liner would make a comeback we’d have guffawed (yes, ACTUALLY guffawed) but, now we’re happily embracing all things 90s, a defined lip outline feels befitting. Few appreciate the lip-enhancing brilliance of the right liner better than the Jenners – proof that when properly colour-matched, you can transform the appearance of your pout. We love Kaplan MD’s plumping {Liner} in ‘nude’.


Verity Douglas

Verity Douglas

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