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David Kirsch Ultimate Detox Kit Review

When our buying director Stacia first gave me this to trial, it lay guiltily in a desk draw for a couple of months (OK, four!). The thought of 5 days without booze, bread, cheese, caffeine or sugar sounded about as exciting as cardboard…

I recently injured my back while over-energetically reaching for a mascara (savage beauty!) – I went to see my osteopath and was sanctioned to stay horizontal for 10 whole, arduous days. When I tentatively tip-toed back to the office, I decided I really needed to begin being a little more respectful to my body – to give it a well-deserved break and attempt to heal the painful inflammation ’round my lower spine. I was ferreting for a pen, opened the draw and came eye to eye with the aforementioned, reproachful-looking {Detox Box}.

“OK-ee I’ll try you, but if my boyfriend leaves me because I become the biggest, hangry b*tch in the entire world I’m holding David Kirsch responsible”, I said to the world in general… the world didn’t even look up.

{Day 1}

The day of optimism! Everything is new and interesting. So this is how people who frequent a gym and work magic with spinach and llama milk live…

– First thing in the morning, you add the {A.M. Daily Detox} sachet to a glass of water – it’s berry-flavoured (a bit like Ribena). Very do-able.

– For breakfast, you add the {Super Charged Greens} and {Protein Plus Shake} to either a glass of water or unsweetened nut milk. With the recommended amount of liquid, I found the texture to be overly thick and gloopy, so I rebelled and added more water to create a not unpleasant shake.

– You’re allowed a ‘proper’ meal for lunch and another {Protein Plus Shake} in the evening, but I can’t handle the thought of not chewing something for my evening meal, so I swapped them around and had the shake for lunch. The non-shake meal can be steamed greens or salad with lemon juice and 4oz of skinless chicken or fish. I went crazy and added a little olive oil, because one has to break the rules somehow 🙂

{Day 3}

By the end of the third day, the lack of variation was getting a little boring, but I genuinely like the shakes and was not only NOT feeling hungry or hangry, but was de-bloated with boosted energy levels and was benefitting from some really solid nights’ sleep. Getting out of bed became, 16% (!?) easier.

{Day 5}

I went for my osteo check up and something strange happened; after her initial examination Laura asked quizzically if I’d been doing something ‘different’ since the last appointment a week before. I mentioned the detox and she told me that all of the inflammation in my back had gone down and asked for the name of the brand in order to recommend it to other patients. I felt like the teacher’s pet!

It’s rare to have medical back-up for a {Detox} product, but this experience has made me look at this range with renewed respect. I had viewed this as a ‘bikini-body-ready’ aid, but this detox has proven to me how powerful diet can be – for so much more than slimming (and I even experienced a bit of that too). I’m going to try and do this once a month.



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Verity Douglas

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