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Make Up Like A Pro With These Brilliant Brushes

Morphe Brushes

A woman is only as good as her tools, which is why a set of multi-tasking make up brushes is essential for any discerning make up maven. {Morphe Brushes} are professional grade tools, designed to blend your products to perfection – so you can achieve an enviable, ‘airbrushed’ effect and ensure you’re ever #selfieready. Beloved by Instragrammers (they’ve 1.9m followers and counting…), Morphe are used by some of the world’s top make up artists and have graced the faces of the likes of Kylie Jenner, Khloe Kardashian and their unfailingly glamorous squad. So, find out which ones your kit needs, like… NOW.

Morphe Brushes - Base

From top to bottom:

We’re a huge fan of this {Fan Brush} – with soft goat hair bristles, it’s perfect for getting your strobe on. Use to dust highlighting powder in a ‘c’ shape from your cheekbones to your temples, and then straight down the bridge of your nose to streamline. It’s also ideal for correcting boo-boos – cleaning up powder ‘fall out’ without risk of smudges.

The {Gunmetal Pointed Buffer Brush (G2)} does everything – diffusing foundation, blush, bronzer, concealer and contour to create a flawless, photo-ready finish. With domed, synthetic bristles, it eliminates edges for believable, #iwokeuplikethis enhancement.

If you’re a sculpting acficionado, or just eager to embrace the contouring craze, no kit is complete without {Gunmetal Flat Contour Brush (G30)}. With a strip of flat-topped fibres, this hugs the hollows of your face for effortless application of contouring cream – just stroke shadow-toned colour beneath your cheekbones, then blend, blend and blend to accentuate your favourite features. Works perfectly with Anastasia’s bestselling {Contour Cream Kit} (for more contouring guidance click {here}).

Morphe Brushes - Powder

Every girl needs a phat powder brush, and Morphe’s {Large Dome Powder Brush (G0)} feels like a fluffy rabbit’s tail (but is totally cruelty-free – fret not). Ideal for setting your base, it’s also perfect for applying mineral foundation or all-over bronzing powders – ‘melting’ product into skin to leave it looking faultless; a bit like a ‘real-life’ Instagram filter.

And for contouring powders or mineral blush, the sable-bristled {Contour Fluff Brush (M556)} nestles neatly beneath cheekbones. Use this to apply and blend your ABH {Pro Series Contour Kit} – it’s perfectly tapered for seamless sculpting.

Morphe Brushes - Eyes

For eyes, these three brushes will seriously up your smoky-eye game. The {Pro Firm Blending Crease Brush (M441)} has tapered, goat hair bristles for applying deeper shadow to your eyelid crease; the {Tapered Mini Blender Brush (M441)} is then perfect for precise application of colour – small enough to access inner corners, or to apply a fine line of shadow just along the lower lashline or to outer corners for a ‘winged’ effect.

The super-soft {Gunmetal Round Eye Shadow Blender Brush (G17)} then blurs your shades together beautifully – softening lines to achieve a stunning, smouldering effect.


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