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6 Simple Steps to Achieve the Kardashian Look

Never anything other than perfectly polished, Kim Kardashian is a beauty icon. Unfailingly flawless, her skin looks luminous, her cheekbones chiselled and her eyebrows are immaculately arched. Want to recreate her signature beauty look? Just follow these six, simple steps…

{Perfect your canvas}

Renowned for her totally faultless, full-coverage canvas, Kim’s make up begins with a brilliant base. Like a real-life Instagram filter, BECCA’s phenomenal {Ultimate Coverage Complexion Crème} is incredibly pigmented yet lightweight, to camouflage your every imperfection.

Neutralise dark circles with a peach-toned concealer – Kevyn Aucoin’s {The Sensual Skin Enhancer} is packed with pigment and crease-resistant – then make sure everything is blurred together beautifully.

{Create definition}

Kim wasn’t born with those razor-sharp cheekbones – they’re cleverly contoured. Kim K’s make up artist, Mario, uses {Anastasia Beverly Hills’ Pro Series Contour Cream Kit} to lend depth to shadows and define the jawline, before illuminating ‘high points’ of the face.

The Beautyblender {Pro Black} sponge is ideal for applying and diffusing darker make up shades – use whilst slightly damp and (to reference make up maestro Mario himself) ‘blend, blend and blend’ to ensure an airbrushed finish.

{Emphasise your eyes}

Naturally blessed with beautiful, almond-shaped eyes, Kim exaggerates their cat-like quality with lashings of liquid liner, false lashes and mascara. With three different precision tips – ‘Fine’, ‘Classic’ and ‘Slanted’ – you can achieve the perfect feline flick with Laura Geller’s {Eye Calligraphy Trio}.Huda Beauty’s lashes are Kardashian-approved – {Alyssa #2} are individual, to add ‘oomph’ where you need it, but for those who prefer drama, there are several styles to choose from… just don’t forget the {Lash Glue}.

{Enhance your arches}

With never so much as a hair out of place, Kim entrusts care of her eyebrows to Hollywood’s go-to brow guru Anastasia Soare, who maintains their face-flattering shape before ‘filling them in’ with an arsenal of ABH pomades and pencils. Anastasia applies {DipBrow} with the fine tip of a {Brow Wiz} to create realistic, hair-like strokes, before setting everything in place with {Clear Brow Gel}{Perfect your pout}

Renowned for her enviably bee-stung lips, Kim enhances their fullness with vivid, long-lasting lip colour. Beloved by the entirety of Team CB, Stila’s {Stay All Day Liquid Lips} is available in a spectrum of smudge-proof colours – ideal for perfecting your pout.{Fix your face}

How does Kim’s make up remain so pristine? It’s all down to the setting spray – we swear by Pixi’s pink hydrating and refreshing {Make Up Fixing Mist}, which keeps layers of painstakingly applied foundation, concealer and contour crease-free and like ‘new’ for up to eight hours.SHOP ALL MAKE UP >> 

Verity Douglas

Verity Douglas

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