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Protect, repair & regenerate: anti-ageing skin care through the ages

We all know prevention is better than cure and when it comes to anti-ageing skin care, starting early – with sunscreen and an antioxidant-rich treatment – is the key to maintaining cell health and vitality. Here are our top tips to keeping skin younger, for longer…

{In your 20s}

It’s all about defensive strategies – free radical-scavenging antioxidants and broad spectrum sun protection will help prevent DNA damage and in turn, preserve healthy cellular function. Harnessing the virtually unparalleled protective properties of one of the world’s most antioxidant-rich oils, African Botanics’ {Pure Marula Oil} is perfect for younger skins – helping to negate the effects of everyday exposure to pollutants, cigarette smoke and oxidative stress, whilst maintaining moisture levels and supporting elasticity.

Being still (only just) in my 20s, I like to really ‘smush’ this into skin each morning with my {LUNA} (a bit more on that {here}), before following with an SPF moisturiser. Zelens’ {Daily Defence} gets my vote – it’s virtually weightless and brimming with skin-conditioning ingredients.

And don’t forget the eye area! Alpha-H’s have recently launched their {Absolute Eye Cream SPF 15} – a targeted, broad spectrum sunscreen specifically for the delicate orbital area. Apply religiously to help delay development of crêpey-ness and crows feet.

{In your 30s}

Supplement your skin care with a night oil. Sunday Riley’s {Luna Sleeping Night Oil} stars a potent, rehabilitative blend of retinol and blue tansy which effectively ‘irritates’ cells into taking reparative action. Instantly absorbed, the beautiful blue elixir is brightening, smoothing and strengthening – diminishing signs of sun-worship (naughty), plumping fine lines and enhancing your skin’s elasticity.

Supercharge things further with Sunday’s {Good Genes} – you can use it on alternate evenings, or layer it on top of {Luna} for maximum, skin-brightening benefit. Rich in lactic acid, its gentle resurfacing action reveals healthy, new ‘luminous’ skin cells; you’ll wake up looking like you’ve crammed 100 years into 8 hours – or in other words, thoroughly well-rested with an otherworldly ‘glow’ (in your face Sleeping Beauty).

{In your 40s}

Invest in a serious day cream to replenish, repair and protect. Zelens’s {3t Complex Essential Anti-Aging Cream} packs a punch – with one Cult Beauty customer positively singing its praises…

“I bought this by mistake but am elated that I did. This moisturises skin like ‘blendable’ velvet – when I apply it in the morning I am always shocked by the way it seems to sculpt my face. I would recommend this highly to those with maturing skin like my own (I’m 43), and anyone who suffers with dry skin or early signs of wrinkles/fine lines.”

It’s also worth boosting your regular regime with a targeted ‘peel’ (not nearly as scary as it sounds). As cells slow down, skin takes longer to ‘turnover’ so accelerate this process with a chemical exfoliant. You can use {Pixi}’s {Glow Tonic} everyday at the toning stage, or try Dr. Dennis Gross’s 30-day {Alpha Beta Peel} – a cocktail of 5 fruit acids which gently dissolves the ‘glue’ binding dulling dead cells to skin’s surface whilst stimulating synthesis of line-lessening collagen.

{In your 50s and above}

Splurge on a quick-fix treatment for emergencies – you’ll find it more than pays for itself in compliments. Cult 51’s {Immediate Effects Serum} has a die-hard following of women who’re addicted to its instant (and cumulative!) youth-boosting benefits. All the potency of the bestselling {Night Cream} has been distilled into a super fast-acting fluid.

“After many years in beauty PR composing the hype that helps boost sales of so-called wonder products, I was slightly sceptical about the possibility of ‘immediate effects’. After the 1st go I was amazed, after the 2nd I was converted and after the 3rd I am truly hooked. Do I recommend Cult 51 {Immediate Effects Serum} – definitely yes! Will I tell my friends about it – absolutely maybe!” – Cult Beauty customer

A rich, regenerative night treatment is another skin care buy you definitely won’t regret. Susanne Kaufmann’s {Regeneration Cream Line A} wages war on all signs of skin-ageing – from deep creases and sagging to sun spots – thanks to free radical-fighting bioflavonoids, skin-strengthening oils and a cocktail of collagen-stimulating extracts.


Verity Douglas

Verity Douglas

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