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6 of the Best Spot Treatments

7 of the Best Blemish Treatments

You’ve got a hot date, and a massive spot plotting the imperfect time to erupt on your forehead. Who you gon’ call? Cult Beauty of course! We’ve rounded up eight of the best blemish treatments we’ve found, to stop spots in their tracks and speed up their demise. Consider that zit zapped… what’s that? Just the sound of them quaking…

For adult acne sufferers, QMS Medicosmetics’ {Med Set} is a trio of resurfacing, collagen-stimulating all-stars – which gently exfoliate the dulling dead cells which contribute to breakouts, without irritating delicate, easily upset complexions. A skin care innovation, this is one of very few treatments which control blemishes while actively anti-ageing, to transform the fortunes of lacklustre, blemish-prone skins.

From South Korean brand CosRx, comes this pioneering remedy for blots on an otherwise flawless visage. {Blackhead Silk Finger Balls} are innovative, 100% silk ‘cocoons’, which you pop on index fingers to eliminate pore-clogging sebum, and the grime that accumulates and contributes to blackheads around the nose and chin. Silk naturally exfoliates without ruffling skin’s feathers, to leave your face virtually poreless!

Payot – beloved by French women (and their secret to flawless visages) – wage a two-pronged attack on unwelcome uprisings. The brand’s {Pâte Grise} smells and looks like cement, but the antibacterial shale extract helps draw out embedded impurities, to speed up Mt. Etna’s life cycle. Use in conjunction with {Spéciale 5} – a pimple-punishing cocktail of salicylic acid, tea tree and purifying sulphur – to quickly clear up imperfections, with minimal redness and no tell-tale trace.

And if your skin’s having an episode, blitz problem patches with Peter Thomas Roth’s {Acne Spot & Area Treatment} – with glycolic and salicylic acids to rid your skin of dead skin cells and residue (the perfect breeding ground for acne bacteria), alongside soothing aloe vera, conditioning vitamins C and E and 1% Trikenol (a reparative blend of manuka and willow), to quash spots and recover skin clarity. Cleanse using Cor’s {Silver Soap} which stars nano-silver – to eliminate impurities and prevent bacteria from multiplying, so stressed-skin is quickly restored to its beautiful, blemish-free best.


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Verity Douglas

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