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Alpha-H Founder Michelle Doherty Explains Liquid Laser

Alpha-H Liquid Laser

{Cult Beauty} Why {Liquid Laser}? How did you alight upon the name, and how are the effects comparable to laser treatments?

{Michelle Doherty} Liquid Laser is a completely new category in skin care, developed to ‘take on’ the challenges our skin contends with once we reach our 40s. This pre-programmed ‘intrinsic’ ageing is due to the accelerated decline of collagen, elastin and hyaluronic acid production. As our bodies produce less oestrogen, our skin begins to lose resilience, elasticity and firmness whilst the appearance of wrinkles, old scars, expression lines and pigmentation worsens.

Alpha-H LIquid Laser Concentrate SerumInstead of turning to invasive treatments such as laser, botox and fillers – all of which have considerable risks, costs and side effects – we’ve created a potent system of ‘at home’ solutions which reinvigorate the skin’s ability to repair itself and ‘un do’ accumulated DNA damage. These are designed to be long term solutions, not just quick fixes!

We decided to call this new category {Liquid Laser} because its a non-invasive, no downtime application of advanced anti-ageing technologies, which uses a low pH delivery system to compel the skin to behave as it did when it was much younger. When you introduce the {Liquid Laser} products into your skincare routine, expression lines soften, the skin feels much more hydrated, less sensitive; redness is diminished, collagen production is enhanced and pigmentation patches start to fade.

{CB} Can you explain the science behind how it works? Why is Juveleven such a revolutionary ingredient?

{MD} When I’m formulating a product I look at each and every ingredient and how it can bring about the best possible result for our customers. I’m always looking for new technology that pushes the envelope and really challenges the skin to make it function more effectively.

Juveleven is the very latest advancement in peptide technology – better known as the next generation of hexapeptides. The manufacturers of Juveleven presented us with studies, which show that this ingredient can actually mimic the cellular regenerating properties of the remarkable Immortal Jellyfish. This organism is unique, in that it possesses an indefinite capacity for self-repair whilst also being able to self-correct DNA damage that can occur due to biological and sun induced ageing.

Only two other companies on the planet are currently working with Juveleven so it’s incredibly exciting for us to be at the very forefront of the latest advances in anti-ageing technology!


Michelle Doherty - Alpha-H Brand Founder

{CB} A new trend seems to be emerging, for skin care which bridges the gap between topical products and invasive procedures. What do you think has triggered this exciting new direction?

{MD} Consumer demand. In today’s society – where ‘youth’ is practically an expectation – women no longer have to debate whether to fight the good fight against ageing.

The world has always been divided by the positives and negatives of cosmetic surgery; we’ve bridged the gap between the traditional cosmetic counter and more invasive procedures for over 25 years so it’s not a new concept to us, but one which we fully embrace and which has seen us become the go-to professional skin care brand in over 30 countries.

{CB} Liquid Laser heralds a new chapter in the Alpha-H story. If you had to pick an all-time favourite Alpha-H product, which would it be?

Alpha-H Liquid Gold{MD} My all time favourite product without a doubt is {Liquid Gold}. It’s my toner, exfoliant, serum and night cream 3 nights a week. That’s why we sell nearly two bottles every minute of every day. It’s a ‘gotta have it’ product. Once you see the results, you simply can’t live without it.

{CB} You’re consistently engaging with your customers – and the soon-to-be converted. What skin care concern would you say is most common?

{MD} Actually, more often than a specific concern, there’s general confusion as to what people need from their skin care regime. We see a department store of products in their bathroom cabinets, which can be completely overwhelming. At Alpha-H our philosophy is ‘less is best’. Don’t overload the skin.

{CB} Have you noticed an increase in adult acne since you started Alpha-H? If so, what do you think is the reason for this?

{MD} Yes we certainly have seen this trend growing now more than ever. An increase in sugary foods, hormone fluctuations and stress levels often presents as adult acne and is resistant to many treatments. We believe that measured, safe and progressive exfoliation is required, plus the advice of a great nutritionist.

Our {Balancing Cleanser} and {Liquid Gold} are a great starting point. Balancing Cleanser was the product that transformed my acneic skin over twenty years ago, and is the cornerstone of our product range. It was also the original 3-in-1 make-up remover, cleanser and toner.

{CB} And finally, if you could develop a product to do anything – free from the constraints of science – what would it do?

{MD} An intelligent sun smart capsule; one that goes beyond the typical antioxidant supplement and actually works as a reflector that naturally repels sun damage from within – allowing the skin greater protection against ageing. If someone invents it, you can bet your bottom dollar we’ll be the first ones to work with it!


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