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Anastasia Beverly Hills Contour Kit Refills

So… unless you’ve been living under a rock on a year-long sojourn somewhere totally tropical (sans social media of any kind), you might have heard of a little thing called ‘contouring’ – the Kim-K inspired, make up sensation that’s causing a bit of a frenzy. Leading the charge is Anastasia Soare a.k.a Ms. {Anastasia Beverly Hills} – who turned the world on its head with the launch of her {Pro Series Contour Kit} early last year; three six-pan palettes, expertly curated to sculpt, streamline and define all complexions.

And now, for all those early adopters who’ve already ‘hit pan’ on their favourite shades, all 28 {Contour Kit Refills} are available exclusively at Cult Beauty – so you can replace those sad, metallic ‘holes’ in your treasured possession, or swap out unused colours for something better suited to your skin tone. Or do an overhaul – build a bespoke palette with your choice of highlighting, lowlighting, correcting and brightening powders (which doubles as a stunning, neutral-toned edit of eyeshadows).

Overwhelmed by the spectrum? Here’s a quick guide to the ultimate must-haves, with an explanation of the stranger sculpting shades (we’re looking at you ‘Mellow Yellow’).

{Fawn} – a beautiful ‘greige’ shade for neutral- to cool-toned, fair to medium complexions. This creates believable, grey-toned shadows beneath cheekbones to create the illusion of more ‘3D’ features.

{Havana} – a reddish-beige shade for neutral-, cool- and warm-toned, fair to medium complexions. This is a universal contour shade – a definitive must-have.

{Banana} – a yellow-toned highlighting shade for all light/medium complexions, this is great for neutralising red/purple tones (think dark circles and broken capillaries).

{#10K} – with a slight shimmer, this grey-beige illuminator lends a glow to all complexions – light, medium, tan, dark with neutral, cool, warm, beige or olive undertones. It’s also a stunning eye definer.

{Mellow Yellow} – for medium, tan and dark complexions with warm, olive undertones, this vivid yellow powder has a brightening effect – creating a surprising lit-from-within finish, when dusted over ‘high points’ of the face.

{L’Orange} – for dark skins, this citrus shade lends instant warmth to cool-, olive-toned complexions – counteracting dull or ashy tones with an undetectable veil of ‘glow’.

{Peaches & Cream} – for medium skin types with neutral, cool, warm and beige tones, this neutralises under-eye shadows to help you ‘fake awake’ in moments.


Verity Douglas

Verity Douglas

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