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Introducing Oxygenetix – Next-Level Breathable Treatment Foundations

Oxygenetix Oxygenating Foundation

What do you do when your skin is reacting? Whether you’re weathering a major breakout, recovering from a peel, laser treatment or subtle nip ‘n’ tuck, or have simply overdone the sun exposure – you want to put your best face forward, but your sensitised complexion warns against your usual ‘full coverage’ approach. It’s a double edged sword – and for many, means a few days’ hibernation while the situation sorts itself (or a massive beekeeper-style veil, if you’re Samantha Jones).

But committing yourself to a few days indoors need no longer be the case. Oxygenetix {Oxygenating Foundations} were originally developed for doctors, to provide their patients with an ultra-lightweight yet camouflaging foundation, that would not only disguise signs of redness, stress and irritation – but also diminish the ‘down time’; stimulating cells’ repair processes, to get you out the house in next-to-no time.


Oxygenating Foundation Oxygenetix

Infused with ‘Ceravitae’ – a supercharged oxygen complex which enhances cellular efficacy – these breathable bases encourage collagen synthesis (to reduce the likelihood of scarring) and support connective tissue growth, to strengthen your skin and enhance its resilience. Post-procedural scars can be all but eliminated, while other common skin complaints – wounds, rashes, spots, rosacea, eczema, dryness and acne scars – are not just temporarily perfected, but gradually corrected so you face looks all but flawless – with, and without foundation.

Which is not to suggest that these formulas are solely for those whose skin has suffered trauma. These powerful, rehabilitative bases create a breathable ‘shield’, beneath which healthy cells can thrive, making them perfect for more mature skin showing signs of fatigue (fine lines become less visible, and skin density dramatically improves), as well as acne-prone complexions. The {Acne-Control} formula contains encapsulated, time-release salicylic acid, to keep ‘bad’ bacteria under control, and help to re-establish equilibrium.

Providing medium-full coverage without the suffocating weight, these clever camouflages allow your skin to ‘breathe’ – creating a smooth, even canvas without exacerbating congestion, or provoking an adverse reaction. Each available in six, colour-adaptive shades, you can mix and match to create a tailor-made base – just apply to clean skin using fingertips, sponge or a foundation brush, blending to create an airbrushed, your-skin-but-better effect.


Verity Douglas

Verity Douglas

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