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Trainer and nutritional consultant to some of Hollywood’s most celebrated beauties (IMAN, Heidi Klum, Kate Upton and Liv Tyler to name but a few), {David Kirsch} is responsible for sculpting some of the world’s most envied bodies. To coincide with the launch of his ‘wellness’ range of juices, greens and supplements, we asked him some questions about how to beat the post-Christmas bloat and kick-start 2015 feeling fit, refreshed and invigorated…

{Cult Beauty} Hi David! Everyone’s guilty of overindulgence during Christmas and New Year – what’s the best way to banish a festive hangover?

{David Kirsch} The best way to tackle a nasty hangover is to stay hydrated – drink a glass of coconut water before bed to replace the lost electrolytes and minimise dehydration. And if you wake up with a spinning head and churning stomach, try a combination of {Super Juice} and {Thermo Bubbles}, blitzed together with ice – a few swigs of this energy-boosting cocktail will quickly get your body moving. And go outside – you probably want to bury yourself under the duvet, but you’ll feel worse if you’ve done nothing with your day. Go for a power walk in the fresh air, and if you can muster the courage, get thee to a treadmill – you’ll feel wretched for a few minutes, but working up a serious sweat will do wonders!

{CB} …and because January is notoriously depressing, what can be done to generally bolster energy levels, inspire positivity and help to counteract the ‘blues’?

{DK} The very best thing you can do, is behave exactly like it’s spring or summer – only bears hibernate, so get off your bum and get sweating. The exercise releases endorphins which act like a natural ‘high’ – and my {Super Juice} is also ideal for giving energy levels a helping hand (especially when dark morning’s make it hard to ‘look alive’).

{CB} What’s a good way to instantly re-energise when one’s energy levels start to plummet, without resorting to sugary snacks or caffeine.

{DK} Snack on raw almonds, get some fresh air, do a set of 15 push ups. A change of pace (and scene) is often all it takes to get your mind and body whirring once again – it’s often monotony, and being sedentary at our desks that ‘tricks’ us into feeling fatigued.

{CB} New Year’s Resolutions are often over-enthusiastic, and best intentions soon go by the wayside. Which simple ‘live better’ steps can people integrate into their day-to-day lives – and stick to!

{DK} Easy to keep New Year’s Resolutions – eat cleaner; more fruits, vegetables and ‘raw’ foods and try to ensure they’re ethically sourced wherever possible. Steer clear of anything processed – or with an ingredient list full of chemicals you’ve never heard of. It’s also a good idea to start each morning with my {Super Charged Greens} – brimming with immune-boosting vitamins and antioxidants, to keep your organs healthy and your brain focussed.

Try to exercise at least three times a week – you’ll feel infinitely better – and limit (but don’t feel you have to completely eradicate) the “cheats”; alcohol, processed carbs and sweets. Life is not a punishment – everybody needs the occasional treat, but try to moderate your intake – you’ll appreciate them more when you indulge.

{CB} Your 48 Hour Super Charged Cleanse is like hitting your system’s ‘re-set’ button. Why is a ‘cleanse’ beneficial, and what is it about your formula that makes it so potent?

{DK} I think a good cleanse is the perfect way to “recalibrate your body”, rest your colon, re-connect your mind and tummy. My {48-Hour Super Charged Cleanse} contains cranberry extract for kidney cleansing, milk thistle for liver cleansing, chromium picolinate to curb your appetite and fibre to help make you feel full. Overall, it is a highly effective, comprehensive cleanse that has been one of my bestsellers for a very long time.


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