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Achieve Jennifer Aniston’s Golden Globes Look with Living Proof

Rocking an uncharacteristic, low-slung bun, Jennifer Aniston’s classic Golden Globes {hair} looked chic and sophisticated – without being overly polished – and allowed her to show case those substantial, chandelier earrings.

Golden Globes 2015 Jennifer Aniston Hair

Astonishingly easy to achieve, her stylist (and {Living Proof} co-owner) Chris McMillan revealed the not-so secrets to her red carpet elegance…

Start with ‘dirty’ hair – Jen’s ‘wasn’t washed for two days before the Globes!’ revealed McMillan – it’s much less ‘slippery’ and therefore, easily manipulated into shape. To add extra ‘grit’ and texture for the strands to cling to, McMillan then sprayed Living Proof’s {Instant Texture Mist} through the lengths before – and after – styling. He created a deep, side parting, and pulled the hair back before twisting to create a ‘messy’ knot, which he secured with a bungee cord hair tie, and some long length kirby grips. And that’s all folks – Golden Globes glamour in an instant!


Jennifer Aniston Living Proof Instant Texture Mist

A must-have styling spray, {Instant Texture Mist} is incredibly versatile, and can be used to achieve myriad looks – as demonstrated beautifully by Jennifer (above).


Whether you want a tumbling, ‘bedhead’ effect (simply ‘scrunch’ {Instant Texture Mist} through lengths of dry hair); prefer smooth, polished separation (comb mist through still-damp hair and blow dry with a barrel brush), or love nothing more than defined, ‘beach babe’ waves (spritz mist from roots to ends of damp hair, twisting and tousling sections before leaving to dry naturally), Living Proof’s {Instant Texture Mist} is a must-have addition to your mane maintenance arsenal.


Verity Douglas

Verity Douglas

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