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Zelens Active Colour - Review

To celebrate Zelens’ 1st Cult Beauty birthday and the launch of {Zelens Active Colour}, we caught up with creator (and globally celebrated expert in the fields of skin ageing and skin cancer) Dr. Marko Lens, to find out more about his eagerly anticipated foray into make up…

{Cult Beauty} Hi Marko! Zelens is renowned for creating cutting-edge, anti-ageing skin care. What prompted you to branch out into colour?

{Dr. Marko Lens} The majority of women wear make up throughout the day and well into the evening, without giving the ingredients a second thought. I wanted to develop a line of cosmetics with active ingredients, to condition, protect and even ‘anti-age’ the skin, whilst providing all the ‘instant’ beauty benefits of make up. {Zelens Active Colour} is the first treatment make up to have been developed by a doctor – gradually correcting whilst disguising imperfections.

{CB} You describe the products’ ability to ‘mimic the skin’s natural phospholipid barrier’ – what does this mean (in layman’s terms) and why is it important for skin health?

{ML} This essentially means that I’ve chosen ingredients which have similar chemical structures to lipid (fat) molecules within the skin – which is important, because it enables our products to strengthen, and even restructure the skin’s natural ‘barrier’, and also create a protective ‘film’ on the skin, that creates a barrier between skin’s surface and the copious hazardous (ageing) environmental aggressors. We call it the ‘second skin effect’.

{CB} We’ve all heard the phrase ‘allow skin to ‘breathe’’ but we know it isn’t actually breathing. Can you demystify this phrase for us?

{ML} Of course skin cannot actually breathe – this is a function of the lungs. However, when I say that {Active Colour} ‘allows the skin to breathe’, I mean that I’ve incorporated ingredients proven to help increase cellular energy and stimulate cellular metabolism to promote skin’s natural repair and renewal processes.

{CB} The range is brimming with potent high-tech and natural ingredients. Can you name your top three ‘star’ ingredients and describe their function?

{ML} This feels a bit like asking a parent to choose their favourite child but, here it goes…

Peptides: Molecules composed of amino-acids that boost collagen production, promote skin firmness and elasticity and help reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles.

Shiso (Japanese mint): A particularly powerful antioxidant, that defends skin from free radical damage. It helps to prevent skin reactivity, soothe sensitivity, and is well-known in Kampo medicine for its strong detoxification properties.

Silanols: Organic silicium-based compounds which help to reconstruct skin’s ‘architecture’ by stimulating collagen production and enhancing cellular communication between keratinocytes and fibroblasts.

aaaaaand (because I can’t resist a fourth)…

Hyaluronic acid: I’ve used a low-molecular weight hyaluronic acid (HA) with unique moisturising properties. It improves skin moisture, helps to retain and maintain skin elasticity and reduce the appearance of wrinkles.

{CB} The colour range is very concise – only five foundation shades and two blush shades. With such a streamlined selection, how can women confidently select the best colour for their complexion?

{ML} The five {Youth Glow Foundation} and two {Blush} colours are those we’ve found to be most commonly used however, we will be extending the spectrum of shades available in the very near future. Watch this space!

{CB} And finally, mascaras are notoriously difficult to ‘get right’. What makes your ‘Flirt’ formula so innovative?

{ML} Our {Flirt Mascara} is pioneering as it combines a high-tech formula and unique, specially designed brush which complement each other perfectly to create ultimate lash definition. It contains 22 active ingredients that combine to condition, lengthen, volumise and separate lashes while a unique peptide complex helps to promote lash growth.


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