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Style Magazine’s Favourite Unsung Beauty Heroes

The Sunday Times Style is a fan of Cult Beauty – so much so, that four of our bestsellers were included in their round-up of the greatest unsung beauty heroes…

“Unlike fashion, you can’t always identify a great niche beauty buy on sight alone” writes Kelly Gilbert. “In fact, unless an insider has given you a tip, it’s likely you would skip over the best products.” Which is where we come in… the beauty insider (and big-mouthed best friend) who discovers the secrets and can’t help but share them…

{Kelly’s Picks}

Developed by world-renowned dermatologist to the stars (responsible for Ms Monroe’s immaculate complexion), Erno Laszlo’s {Phelityl Pre-Cleansing Oil} is a cocktail of 13 skin clarifying and conditioning oils to remove make up prior to cleansing. “Keep it in your gym bag to give sweaty skin a post-workout purge,” says Kelly.

“{Ginvera Marvel Gel} is aptly named. As if by magic, seconds after applying it to your face and gently rubbing it off, you will feel beads of dead skin accumulate under your fingertips. It’s alarming good stuff and makes for a great [if revolting!!] show and tell.”

You can tell a paid up member of the glossy posse by a quick sweep of her bathroom cabinets. As Kelly quite rightly asserts; “if your hair care brand is obscure then you have clearly gone the extra beauty mile.” Leonor Greyl is the key to French women’s luxe-looking cheveux and the signature, rose-imbued {L’Huile} is beloved. “Apply a few drops to lacklustre ends before shampooing to ensure Paris-worthy hair.”

…and last (but by no means least), Dr. Alkaitis’ {Replenishing Serum} is “less a traditional serum and more a multipurpose conditioning toner, making it terribly on trend (although the brand is wholly uninterested in that).” Pared back to the point of missable, the packaging belies the cocktail of powerhouses it contains; lavender, witch hazel, chamomile and skin-soothing vitamins are combined to alleviate dryness, sensitivity and inflammation. “Sunburnt skins drink it in, as do the lasered and peeled,” say Kelly. We think it’s a must-have addition to your winter skin care arsenal.

Verity Douglas

Verity Douglas

Content Editor

Verity is our Content Editor and a Cult Beauty veteran. Currently on maternity leave, raising Cult Beauty’s honorary ‘word nerd’, Tabitha, she speaks fluent ‘beauty’ and loves nothing more than the marriage of language and lip balm (and cleanser and candles… ad infinitum). Nothing can stop her from quoting Nancy Mitford, treating herself to yet another Bella Freud candle for her desk or buying that pilgrim-esque collared or heavily fringed outfit she’s been eyeing. You can trust her to debunk widespread beauty myths and dispense invaluable advice with ease…