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The Most Incredible Exfoliant You’ve Never Heard Of

Earthen Instant Peel Review

With ready access to the latest beauty products on the market (Marketing Director’s perks), Jenny has tried almost every scrub, mask and treatment in existence. There are some she likes, some she doesn’t and some she loves almost as much as her super cute, two year old twins (not really but, sort of). Here, she pays homage to Earthen’s {Instant Peel}, in all its slightly obscure but totally AMAZING glory…

“Earhten’s {Instant Peel} is probably the best exfoliator I have ever used. I am totally addicted, and have to stop myself scrubbing my face off – it’s a struggle to stick to the ‘once a week’ rule. Don’t be put off by the (not very luxe) drugstore packaging… it’s what’s on the inside that counts, and it’s super potent.

More liquid-y than you’d expect, I use this after I’ve had a bath or shower when my skin is clean and hydrated but DRY (it’s important that the skin is dry). I apply the gel-liquid to my face and start massaging – it’s a miracle worker. Dead skin literally peels off as you rub (like little shrivelled worms) and because it binds solely to dead cells, I know the ‘stuff’ that’s going down the sink should not be on my face…

It’s disgusting but also SO satisfying (and totally incredible). Just massage until you can massage no more, then rinse off to reveal skin softer than you’ve ever felt. For me, it was totally love at first peel – my skin’s been more evenly toned, I’ve had fewer issues with spots AND my pores look smaller. I’ve (reluctantly) recommended it to everyone I know.”


Verity Douglas

Verity Douglas

Content Editor

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