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Skin Care Boosters

Performance enhancers aren’t solely for naughty athletes (and er… the kinkily-inclined), beauty boosters are an amazing way to amp up the efficacy of your skin care. Concentrated oils, ‘essences’ and elixirs have been used by clever South Korean women for centuries years, to target specific concerns with extra high levels of active ingredients. Lightweight and (usually) runny – or powdered – in texture, they’re best applied directly onto just-cleansed (slightly damp) skin – either pre- or post-toning – to supercharge your regimen, and give lazy skin cells a kick in the mitochondria…

Institut Esthederm’s {Intensive Vitamine C} is a ‘powder serum’ – packed with antioxidants and brightening vitamin C, to target pigmentation and unify uneven skin tone. Just massage the merest sprinkling directly onto dark spots with your ring finger (mist your face first, so it’s ‘sticky’), then follow with targeted serum and moisturiser (here are some suggestions).

MV Organic Skincare’s {Daily Skin Soother Booster} helps restore calm where there’s chaos. A great addition to your transitional skin care wardrobe, this helps to stabilise reactive skin types with a soothing, hydrating and replenishing blend of pure jojoba, sweet almond, roman chamomile, calendula and lavender oils. Just add 1 – 2 drops to your usual hydrator, to help your face cope with the (imminent) seasonal changes…

When you detect an unwelcome uprising, Odacité’s {Pimples Booster} stars black cumin and cajeput, to call time on unwelcome eruptions, and stop your ‘grown up’ skin behaving like its adolescent self. Warm a few drops between palms, and massage all over damp face on skin’s ‘off’ days – or blend with Odacité’s other ‘problem’ options (Combination, Clogged Pores or Oily-Acne) to create a bespoke, better-skin solution.

An ultra-lightweight thermal layer, Tata Harper’s {Replenishing Nutrient Complex} is overflowing with cell-essential vitamins, and absorbs almost instantly to create an added barrier between your face and the environmental onslaught. Just rollerball all over, to strengthen, repair and protect in an instant. It’s suitable for all skin types – especially those prone to extreme dehydration – and fits neatly in even the most awkward minaudière


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