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Introducing: Boudicca Wode

Boudicca WODE

*Squeals* We are SO excited about Boudicca’s {Wode} – a collaboration between cult British fashion brand Boudicca, and the team who brought us Molecule 01…

Unlike its often elusive, single molecule sibling second-cousin-twice-removed, {Wode} is instantly impactful. Developed by cult perfumer Geza Schoen, it’s a complex, multi-layered fragrance that hinges on the depth and mystery of oudh. With a subtle sexy, smokiness that lingers long after it’s spritzed, Wode is heady and exotic – beginning with a symphony of juniper berry, coriander seed, pink and black pepper and bergamot, which gradually gives way to the smouldering heart of opium accord, jasmine, rose, black hemlock, tuberose and cumin. The base – which thrums with a sensual woodiness – is a blend of sandalwood, cedarwood and guaiacwood alongside amber, musk, leather and blond tobacco – simultaneously warm and cool, feminine and masculine, resinous and fresh, this is the ultimate scent for the fearless expressionist.

Its name is derived from woad – an intense blue plant extract used by ancient Britons to paint themselves with tribal markings. “Scent too marks you as one of a tribe” says Zowie Broach of {Boudicca}, “but its uniqueness is that it marks you invisibly.” This tribal quality is reflected by the packaging; the distinctive bright blue box (designed by Me Company) features tribal tattoo patterns, laser-etched into a micro-textured foil for an exquisite, hyper-modern take on luxury. We’re beyond besotted…


Verity Douglas

Verity Douglas

Content Editor

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