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Cult 51 – Anti-Ageing Breakthrough for Skin

Cult 51 Night Cream Review

With no mega-bucks marketing campaign, {Cult 51 Night Cream} is fast making something of a name for itself and has just received the stamp of approval from India Knight in Sunday Times Style as well. Stacia, our straight-talking Buying Director – who knows the industry inside out and can quickly identify a good thing when she sees it – is so enamoured of this miracle potion that she’s diligently eking out her sample pot, so terrified is she of running out. There are many things she loves, but few things she adores – and this, dear readers, falls firmly in the (very prestigious) latter category.

Expert chemist and brand founder Richard Mears, who has previous consulted and created for some of the world’s best known skin care brands, stopped by to talk us through his self-professed ‘baby’. Here are (just some) of the remarkable things we found out…

{CB} Please can you explain (in layperson’s terms) how Cult 51 works differently from other anti-ageing products on the market?

{RM} The first of its kind, {Cult 51} is what we call a ‘3D’ Night Cream, because of its unique ability to cater to all your skin’s needs in one formula. The potent combination of key actives works in synergy with skin’s own molecules, to encourage cells‘ processes of regeneration and repair. One of its most exciting capabilities is that it raises ATP levels by (up to) 65%!!

Cells draw their energy from ATP – commonly known as ‘the fuel of life’ – yet as we age, ATP production slows down, with skin ageing knock-on effect. The ingredients within Cult 51 help stimulate cells’ ability to biosynthesise ATP – yet this is only part of the age-defying puzzle. Without oxygen, ATP remains inert, which is why Cult 51 also triggers an increase in oxygen exchange (by up to 45%), whilst increasing microcirculation to effectively deliver precious oxygen to where it’s needed. This ‘3D’ effect works in harmony with skin’s own metabolism, to help quickly recover its energy potential, and recapture its former vitality.

{CB} What were the major stumbling blocks when it came to creating this product?

{RM} From inception, the idea of creating one product that could cater to all the skin’s needs was at the heart of Cult 51’s development project. The skin can only absorb so much active and, although I subscribed to the theory that a single cream would be impossible to make, I can never resist a challenge… For the first 12 months I hit brick wall after brick wall, until I had an epiphany whilst watching ‘Grand Designs’.

I can forgive you for failing to see the link between skin care and Kevin McCloud, but the episode in question was about a couple striving to create a greener lifestyle. One comment made which resonated, was that instead of trying to grow what you wanted when you wanted it, we should learn to adapt to the natural order of things – bend to nature whims, rather than expecting it to bend to ours. This prompted me to re-think the whole project, and exploit the skin’s own willingness to ‘fix’ itself.

Cult 51 Reasons...

{CB} What can someone expect to happen to their skin when they first being using this product?


Within 24 hours: The increase in ATP has an immediate effect; your skin receives an energy boost and so its’ management system will instantly spring into life. Whatever your skin is doing, it will do it much more quickly and efficiently. Which means if you’re in the middle of a breakout – things may get drastically worse, before they (quickly) get very much better!

Within 1 week: You’ll hear ‘you look well’, and ‘have you been on holiday’ as often as ‘hello’. This is because of the tonal differences created by the increased ATP and oxygen.

Within 2 weeks: The compliments will keep on coming, and wrinkle depth will begin to diminish. The best way to monitor the difference is to do the ‘one hand test’. Apply {Cult 51} to the back of one hand, as well as your face every evening. Because the cream works with your skin’s own metabolism, the effects build day on day, making it difficult to appreciate the dramatic improvement. Yet by comparing your two hands, you can really see the compound changes – prepare to be astonished!

Within 6 weeks: The full effects of {Cult 51} are now being experienced. Expect up to 52% wrinkle reduction, a 56% reduction in melanogenesis (the melanin production which contributes to pigmentation and age spots) and a 15% reduction in skin sensitivity. And these beauty benefits are only the tip of the iceberg…

{CB} The humidity adaptive technology is remarkable. Can you talk us through how this works?

{RM} This is quite cute science and one of the benefits I’m most excited about (though I’m a bit of a geek!). Basically, one of the most important aspects of good skin care is maintaining optimum moisture levels; yet in humid environments skin can over-absorb moisture, and in air-conditioned environments, precious moisture is leached out. Cult 51 cleverly manages hydration levels – working hard to hold moisture in a dehydrating atmosphere, whilst preventing moisture uptake when your skin is already content. Those using {Cult 51} exhibited a nominal difference in skin moisture levels between arid and humid climates.

Cult 51 Reasons...

{CB} You’ve created a night cream – why did you opt for ‘night’ over ‘day’?

{RM} The objective was to create a single product that catered for all of the skins needs. To do this {Cult 51} has to work in synergy with the skin’s own metabolic processes. When we sleep, our body’s systems work overtime to repair the day’s damage and resolve any issues. Therefore, an overnight treatment was the best way to capitalise on the skin’s own hyper-industry; creating energy and assisting the cells’ own management processes.

{CB} Why just one product?

{RM} I would reverse the question and ask ‘why not?’. Current skin regimens demand the use of several products, layered one on top of the other – yet the skin can only utilise so much ‘active’. Also with so many products offering only one or two of the myriad things our skin needs, we end up buying many different products, to use at separate times on different days to gain the overall effect we crave. In today’s world who has the time, patience (or money!) to effectively undertake this skin care rigmarole? Why not switch to one effective product, that offers 51 beauty benefits, to answer all your skin care wishes?

…why not indeed? Shop Cult 51 {here} now!

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