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Hair-vana in a tube

Aestelance mud maskI’ve found a new hair obsession and it’s called ÆSTELANCE.

We all spend a lot of time layering serums, masks and moisturisers on our face, but move 1cm out and the skin is completely ignored. I’ve learned that if I treat my scalp well – not battering it with harsh chemicals, protecting from UV and nourishing weekly with intensive conditioner – my hair not only grows through thicker, it shines more easily.

Something to keep in mind when buying haircare: the scalp is one of the most porous areas of skin because the hair follicles cause an osmotic action drawing whatever you put on the surface into the skin. Worry less about harsh chemicals in skincare, it’s the hair care that’s the most important.

Aestelance Mud Mask was recommended byNew York based CB Hair Expert James Corbett saying: “I love putting the mud mask on my clients at the salon, it adds such unbeatable shine that I use it in lieu of a gloss after their color. Not only does it condition, it makes hair feel like silk. I can’t keep it in stock.”

I wasn’t sure what to expect with this, the best way to describe it is the love-child of a mud masque and intensive conditioner that transforms your hair into strands of shining silk. The best aspect is the treatment it gives your scalp. It calms and nourishes it so that your hair grows out thicker and with more resilience. Aestelance Mud Mask washes out easily, doesn’t cause mess and you can either use it every day. It needs just 3-15 minutes of your time and in exchange it will grant you hair so soft you’ll be surreptitiously stroking it all day.

Verity Douglas

Verity Douglas

Content Editor

Verity is our Content Editor and a Cult Beauty veteran. Currently on maternity leave, raising Cult Beauty’s honorary ‘word nerd’, Tabitha, she speaks fluent ‘beauty’ and loves nothing more than the marriage of language and lip balm (and cleanser and candles… ad infinitum). Nothing can stop her from quoting Nancy Mitford, treating herself to yet another Bella Freud candle for her desk or buying that pilgrim-esque collared or heavily fringed outfit she’s been eyeing. You can trust her to debunk widespread beauty myths and dispense invaluable advice with ease…