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There is an ancient Chinese curse, “May you live in interesting times” and boy does it feel like we’ve been hit with it right now. With the media feeding us nothing but scarcity and fear, the economy looking about buoyant as a lead duck and the increased workload that comes with fewer staff numbers, it’s not surprising we’re all feeling frazzled. On the upside I’ve found a crutch…

Therapie is a capsule range of five bath & body products, formulated by world renowned aromatherapist Michelle Roques-O’Neil; each product is a multidimensional way of bathing/ showering/moisturising that also nourishes your well-being. Therapie is designed to help you create the space and time you need to nurture yourself, while discharging built up stress, tension, toxins and electromagnetic radiation from all the computer and mobile time we clock up.

My favourite from the range is the Detox Himalayan Bath Salts because the effects are so immediate. The pink mineral salts draw out physical toxins, but there is a second level of ingredients – including powdered Amethyst crystals (these counter the electromagnetic energy we absorb from mobiles and computers) and essential oils of lemongrass, juniper and geranium, which balance pH levels and positive/negative ions, helping the body to find equilibrium. The first time I tried these I slept so deeply that I woke up in exactly the same position I went to sleep in, no dreams, no 3am stirring bliss!

The Restore Aura Spray is a brilliant desk-weapon for when one is feeling put-upon. Its basic function is a facial spritz that smells lovely, but it is also packed with ingredients such as frankincense that emotionally stabilize and renew flagging energies on the spot. Whether it’s just a very busy day, working through insomnia, jet-lag or a real emotional crisis, it’s like a hug from your Mum in a bottle.

As someone who views morning with the same amount of enthusiasm as a trip to the dentist Boost Hair & Body Wash is a godsend. Deep breathing this aromatherapeutic concoction opens your lungs and increases circulation, provoking a natural energy boost, as well as cleaning your skin without drying.

Read about the rest of the range here. There is also a Discovery Kit that allows you to try everything before committing to the full size.

This weekend Sunday Times Style gave the Himalayan Bath Salts Five Stars, see the feature below:

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