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MV Organic Skincare facial

SharonMcGlinchyMV Organic Skincare came highly recommended to Cult Beauty from a few different sources, including Daisy Lowe. Maggie Gyllenhaal and CB Expert, skincare goddess Nichola Joss. So when I heard the founder Sharon McGlinchey was over from Australia to introduce the range through her signature facial I jumped at the chance to trial it.

Sharon started her career working on a beauty counter for Clarins, then trained as a beauty therapist. The more she learned, the more she started disregarding the teachings when formulating this intelligently sourced range 10 years ago (she still does all the sourcing to ensure quality, after being hood-winked by a couple of suppliers in the early days. Apparently it is quite common practice for suppliers to make lower-quality second batches because people are less likely to check once the production is in process).

For my facial Sharon used the Gentle Cream Cleanser to remove dirt and make up, then the famous 9-Oil Cleanser to deep clean my pores (apparently one should use this only after dirt has been removed because it absorbs deeply into mvthe dermis and could take the dirt with it). The 9-Oil cleanser smells AMAZING. She then massaged the clay mask (magnesium and minerals key to this, more so even than the actual clay) tailored for my dry skin by adding the Rose Booster oil. After she had rid my face of all impurities, Sharon smoothed the Rose Protecting Moisturiser all over my face and neck which absorbed almost instantly, calming my sensitive, dry skin to the texture of butter.

While the mask was working Sharon practiced Reiki on my body, throwing an instant mantle of calm over me. Which in turn relaxed my whole face, I walked out of there looking like I had to cares of a recent Lottery Winner after telling the boss exactly what do do with that memo! alexia inge

Verity Douglas

Verity Douglas

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