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Discover unique luxury fragrances by the incredible BYREDO. Designed to evoke memories and formulated through emotion, the collection includes the brand’s iconic perfumes, candles and make up, serving up premium cosmetics with a cool Swedish aesthetic. Shop the range at Cult Beauty and immerse yourself in the luxurious experience of BYREDO.


Elevating beauty lovers’ cosmetics collections since 2006, discover the unique and unconventional world of BYREDO. A brand led by emotions, each of the BYREDO fragrances evoke a memory or experience held by the founder, Ben Gorham.By choosing unpredictable and opposing notes to create each unique scent,the brand ensures that once you’ve tried a BYREDO fragrance, you’ll never forget it.


The BYREDO {perfume collection} is the starting pointfor getting to know the brand and the reason so many beauty fans and experts have flocked to BYREDO. One of the most iconic scents is {BYREDO Gypsy Water} – the brand’s ode to Romani culture and a nod to a sought-after nomadic lifestyle. You’ll also find the cult favourite, {Mojave Ghost}, which famously paired musky ambrette with violet, amber and cedarwood to create its unmistakable essence. The {Rose of No Man’s Land} fragrance is another firm favourite while scents like {BYREDO Oud Immortal} serves up a twist on traditional Indian incense as a personal fragrance. With so many to try, opt for one of the BYREDO {discovery sets} to explore 3 of the signature scents at once.


The perfect way to complete a chic and minimalspace? Try adding a BYREDO candle. From the signature {Bibliotheque} candle to the nature-inspired {Tree House} scent, the BYREDO line-up is unmissable. Designed in effortlessly cool black glass jars with matching black wax and wick, all the candles are vegan-friendly and crafted in vegetable wax, making them the perfect finishing touch to a room or a chic luxury gift.


Alongside its iconic scents, BYREDO has ventured into the world of cosmetics and {make up} and is making waves in the industry. From {mascara} to {lipstick}, elevate your make up bag with a touch of luxury by adding in a few favourites from the BYREDO make up collection.