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The Great British Sex Study

A wide shot image of two hands of different skin tones holding a purple Smile Maker’s vibrator, in a studio setting on a purple background.

Love is well and truly in the air. Whether you’re spicing up your solo sessions or experimenting with a partner, this year’s all about pleasure peaking. And with an average of 60,000 Google searches per month, sex toys are playing a starring role when getting steamy beneath the sheets. 

With that in mind, here at Cult Beauty we’re shinning a light and revealing the sex realities from across the UK. So, let’s stop the foreplay and jump straight to the main event as we take a deep dive into the top trending sexual pleasures and uncover the country’s most sexually adventurous cities… 


To identify the raunchiest regions across the UK, we’ve analysed the average Google searches per month for the most popular sexual pleasure in each city, then added them together to give a total score.  


A pink and white table showing the most sexually adventurous cities in the UK along with their statistics on their top search keywords.

Celebrating sexual liberation across the city, Manchester proudly comes out on top. And, while all the keywords combined had an impressive average of 87,770 Google searches per month, when getting up close and personal with the data, it reveals that ‘sex toys’, ‘roleplay’ and ‘vibrators’ were what the people desire the most.  

Want to know more? We’ve unpacked the who, what, where and most importantly why these top three have the sexual appetite of those from London to Leeds and beyond… 


From bullets to butt plugs, sex toys come in all shapes, sizes and sensations. Whether you’re self-satisfying or exploring with others, there’s always room for one more. Typically featuring a selection of speeds and pulse patterns, these pleasure playmates explore your erogenous zones and to help you expand your sexual preferences.  


From drawing them in with your after-hours fragrance and creating bedroom eyes with a new make up look to playing dressing and treating yourself to a costume (or two) , roleplay is an erotic experience that brings alive sexual fantasies. An ideal way to live vicariously, it urges you to run away with your imagination and get creative in a safe and sensual space.   


Clear the calendar and set a date with your vibrator. Liberating, empowering and putting pleasure back into your own hands (quite literally), ménage-à-moi moments are not only said to make you happier – by flooding your body with feel-good endorphins – but also allow you to indulge in some me time as you get to know your body inside and out… After all, no one should know you better than yourself, right? 


A pink and white table showing the top five most popular sex toys in the UK and the statistics behind them.

Proving that sex sells, sex toys are taking prime position in the wellness space, with more of us than ever investing in the latest tantalising tools. However, with no one-size-fits-all approach, sexual fulfilment can look different to all. The trick? To find the toy that makes you tick. 

While vibrators constantly cause a buzz across the UK, alternative sensual soulmates include anal toys, bondage, butt plugs and love eggs.  


Everyone’s desires are different, and with the sexual wellness market rapidly expanding, finding the right sex toy for you isn’t always an easy task. Things to consider when investing in your new long-term lover include… 

Power and speed: whether you’re thing is soft and steady or rough and risqué, it’s best to opt for a toy that has a large range of settings for a true personalised experience. Plus, with various patterns, no two experiences ever need to be the same.  

Noise level: for those who enjoy the thrill of secrecy or want to be discreet, choose a vibrator that’s labelled as ‘whisper-quiet’ – this way no one will ever know what goes on behind those doors.  

Size and shape: different silhouettes hit different spots. Before making your final decision, take some time to do some pleasure mapping and get to know what you like. For example, if you want clitoris stimulation, go for a massager with a wide mouth suction. Or if you want to refine your grinding techniques, select a wand vibrator.  

Water resistance: if you’re looking to find release in the shower or bath, make sure your toys are waterproof. These are typically made from water-resistant silicone that can withstand *all* types of wetness.   


Double the power and double the pleasure with LELO’s Ida Wave. Bringing you internal and external stimulation, the dual-motored massager includes ten pulse-quickening patterns that assist you to gradually reach your peak.  

Proving that three is not a crowd, LELO’s Soraya Wave boosts triple-motion performance for the ultimate G-spot sensations. Expertly moulded to a come-hither silhouette, it features up to eight varied speeds and is fully waterproof so you can sneak it into the shower too…  


Game, set, match… When it comes to Smile Makers’ The Tennis Pro G Spot Vibrator there’s no warmup necessary. Shaped with a narrower neck to leave more room for vibrations, this pro-level player serves four stroke speeds and can keep going on (and on) for up to four hours, Now, that’s what we call a Grand Slam.  

Pleasure is priceless; that was until Smile Markers’ The Billionaire Versatile Vibrator. Primed for self-satisfaction or when going to the next stage with your significant other, its curved design delights with clitoral and overall external stimulation. Plus, with two pulse patterns, it encourages experimentation too.  


Teasing you into temptation, Muse by Coco de Mer’s Pleasure Balls gets your heart (and body) racing. Suitable for vaginal or anal play, each of these pleasure-inducing balls have been caressed into a unique shape for different sensations. The result? A toe-curling finale that you won’t ever forget. 

Amplifying your arousal, Coco de Mer’s Pleasure Number 9 The Plug amps up the intimacy with its perfectly tapered t-shape plug and comforted curved remote. Introducing new and enticing experiences into the boudoir, bathroom or wherever else you like to experiment, this power couple boosts sexual empowerment while hitting all the right spots.   





To determine the most sex driven areas of the UK and the Sex Map of Britain, search terms for bondage, vibrators, butt plugs, roleplay, anal toys, love eggs and sex toys were added together to give a total score. All seven metrics were weighted the same. Google search volume data collected from is correct as of 1st February 2024. 

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