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Your skin barrier called (and it’s *not* happy)

two bottles of cicaplast la roche posay serums

Calling all {acid} fanatics. Consider this a plea to take a ‘time out’ and replenish skin’s defences (thank us later).  

If there’s one thing the French do exceptionally well — excepting the obvious (croissants, shrugs, insouciance) — it’s premium {skin care }at pharmacy prices and garçon, do we LOVE la pharmacie. A fixture of beauty routines the world over, La Roche-Posay delivers understated efficacy. You won’t find fancy packaging, inflated claims or dubious ingredients — instead, expect dependable essentials that you’ll turn to when your skin’s in need. 

The {Cicaplast} range has earned iconic status. A tried and trusted line of soothing and protective creams and serums that are suitable for everything — from eczema to nappy rash. Perfect for cherishing delicate skin, there’s a formula for every common crisis, so get to know these unassuming skin care heroes. 

What is Provitamin B5? 

Powered by provitamin B5 — also known as panthenol — La Roche-Posay’s Cicaplast range is abundantly nourishing. A skin-friendly derivative of vitamin B5, panthenol is a humectant, which means it plays well with the spectrum of active ingredients and, works in accordance with other hydrating and barrier-boosting powerhouses such as hyaluronic acid, glycerin and ceramides.  

Helping to ward against trans-epidermal water loss, panthenol not only boosts moisture levels — relieving that tight, itchy feeling — but also behaves like a ‘seal’ to prevent dehydration and keep your skin safe from the elements. Like a comfort blanket when your skin is suffering — whether from the weather, central heating, stress or reactivity — {Cicaplast} quickly calms redness and brings some much-needed relief from discomfort.  

Commonly found in after-sun, post-tattoo treatments and nappy creams, panthenol ‘fills in’ the gaps between dead surface cells (the stratum corneum that acts as the first crucial line of defence) — which has an immediate softening and reparative impact. It’s great for stings, minor burns, grazes… any signs that skin is under stress.  

Which skin type is Cicaplast good for?  

It would be quicker to answer which skin type Cicaplast isn’t good for. With gentle formulas that cater to the family — from babies to teenagers, right through to adults susceptible to drier, irritated skin conditions — the bestselling {Cicaplast Baume B5+ Multi-Purpose Repairing Balm} makes light work of nappy rash, grazes, sunburn and post-procedural irritation (just look up ‘Holy Grail’ in the dictionary). 

Essential for sensitive, sensitised skin types, as well as those craving hydration, the {Cicaplast B5 Serum for Dehydrated Skin} pairs panthenol with hyaluronic acid to quickly replenish cells’ reservoirs. Flooding skin with plumping water, use in conjunction with the targeted {Hyalu B5 Eye Serum for Dehydrated Eyes} to cherish as it softens visibility of lines. 

And for those who’re prone to chapped extremities, the {Cicaplast Soothing Hand Cream} is a must — rushing to the rescue of your scaly hands (and feet!) with shea, niacinamide and 30% glycerin to heal and behave like a glove for your compromised skin.  

Et voila! La Roche-Posay, with Cicaplast you’re really spoiling uzzzz… These are the heroes deserving of coveted ritual real estate: 

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