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HoliFrog Is Here To Handle Every Skin Scenario


Designed to ease your skin through every {skin care} situation, HoliFrog’s solution-focused range has earned a league of devotees (quite rightly). Founded ‘down under’ by a die-hard SPFer, Emily Parr spent a decade pursuing that ‘really clean’ feeling – trying a legion of {cleansers}to find one that left her face thoroughly clean and content; a pursuit that proved fruitless until she decided to take matters into her own, highly capable hands.

Recognising the significance of cleansing as the first, critical step in any ritual, she set out to launch an impressive collection of thorough – yet thoroughly gentle – face washes that worked: melting {make up}, dissolving {sunscreen} and eradicating pollutants without compromising your skin when it’s at its most vulnerable.


Inspired by the brand’s beloved frogs – their delicate skin is thin and ultra-permeable, which means that they’re susceptible to toxins in the air – HoliFrog is built upon the principle that skin needs ‘kid glove handling’ when cleansing (it’s when pores are at their most dilated). This is why the formulas are bioactive, free from any toxins and powered by proven, non-irritating and intentional ingredients that are not only kind to your skin – but your wellbeing.

This is where the brand’s ‘holistic’ element comes to the fore – the ‘Holi’ part of ‘HoliFrog’. This range isn’t just about your skin – it’s also geared towards your wellness, which means blending the best, most reliable natural and man-made ingredients to guarantee safety and efficacy while also protecting our planet’s resources (and those who depend on them). This is thoughtful – responsible – formulating, that goes beyond ‘clean’ in pursuit of results without side-effects.

And HoliFrog’s hunger to innovate doesn’t end there – they’ve revoked the restrictions of ‘skin type’ and cater instead to a spectrum of ‘skin situations’. It’s all about giving your skin what it needs to not only ‘survive’ but to thrive when your lifestyle has other ideas. It’s about recognising that our skin type isn’t fixed – it can turn on a whim (or the first sign of stress) – and HoliFrog’s aim is to ease you through hormonal breakouts, too much sun, bouts of stress, hangovers (you name it) and to offer you a ritual for all eventualities.

It’s geared towards balance: equipping you with the requisite steps (and ingredients) to help skin toe the line. Whether it’s eliminating sweat post-workout, or helping to mitigate post-flight dryness, HoliFrog have expertly curated a regime to prep, protect and nourish.

Preparing skin for make up? HoliFrog’s ‘skin-scription’ is the {Popp-E Scrubby Wash} to help refine and gently brighten, followed by the {Grand Amino Cushion Cream} to plump and prep your canvas.

Weathering a stressful phase? The chances are you look a little lacklustre, so jump-start dull, depleted skin with {Sunapee Sacred C Powder Wash}, followed by the {Halo AHA + BHA Evening Serum} before bed – to dial up the brightness and help guarantee that your skin is one less thing to worry about…

This ‘situational skin care’ is a fresh approach to mixing up your ritual – slotting products in-and-out to meet your skin’s demands – but as developers explore the close relationship between our skin and our wellbeing, we predict big things for skin care ‘pick ‘n’ mixing’ (watch this space).


Verity Douglas

Verity Douglas

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