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model applying something to her cheekCan you believe it’s almost winter? Well neither can your skin. As the colder weeks begin to set in and we wave goodbye to the blazing (read: mildly warm) British sun, we’re most definitely switching up our skin care routines. Adding a little more moisture here and there or making sure our skin barrier (more on that below…) is at its best is essential — anything to avoid red-raw, flaky cheeks this December! Never fear, we’ve rounded up the new best-in-snow skin care that that will keep your skin catwalk-ready as you pound the frosty streets this winter.


If you’re looking for a fresh-faced, bouncing glow then look further. If you don’t know about {fresh}, then you are already missing out on one of the beauty industries best-loved apothecaries. They have become renowned for marrying skin-loving ingredients with cultural beauty rituals to create unrivalled skin care. The {Tea Elixir Skin Resilience Activating Serum} is no exception to their already stellar line-up. A total hallelujah moment, the elixir is made for all skin types and contains a wealth of nourishing ingredients, from niacinamide (vitamin B3) that brightens and minimises the look of pores, to their blend of ceramides and kelp extract that work to protect your skin against dryness. Your most resilient skin yet awaits you…


A brand that probably needs no introduction — it’s been rightfully plastered across the pages of beauty magazines and skin care blogs alike — {FOREO} has birthed another skin-spirational device. Don’t be fooled by the small size of the {LUNA 4 Mini}, it still harnesses the T-Sonic pulsations (8,000 per minute to be precise) we’ve grown to love from its bigger siblings, only with 17% softer silicone touchpoints. Imagine you’re going out for the night and are not sure where (or with who) you’ll end up, your skin doesn’t have to suffer for you to have a good time, so you’ve packed this nifty little all-in-one — aren’t you brilliant? Dual-sided brushes, and all new ‘Glow Boost Mode’ calls for radiance sent down from the gods; you’ve got the power to almighty skin in the palm of your hands. After all, don’t they say that good things come in small packages?

a collection of youth to the people peptide moisturising cream


Always a favourite, {Youth To The People} has been snatching hearts and perfecting pores since their inception — I mean, who doesn’t remember going from a one-night stand to a lifelong affair with their {Superfood Cleanser}. As we keep harking on about skin barriers and how much your cheeks will thank you in the midst of winter, it would be completely unfair if we didn’t introduce you to the {Polypeptide-121 Future Cream}. Here’s the lowdown: fragrance-free (oooh!), deeply moisturising (aaah!), peptide and ceramide rich (mmm!). Created for all skin types — a phrase we will never get bored of — this cushion-like cream deeply hydrates while the ‘Polypeptide-121’ (a vegan collagen peptide built with 180+ amino acids) and plant proteins work to diminish fine lines and wrinkles. Winter, beware, we’re ready.


Looking to get a little tipsy on skin care? {Drunk Elephant} is just calling out your name. Taking the beauty-sphere by storm and injecting a little more fun into our daily rituals, Drunk Elephant is not one to be looked over. think: skin care that cuts out the unnecessary steps and ingredients (drying alcohols, silicones, SLS, chemical screens, essential oils or fragrance) so your skin is only getting the best-of-the-best. Frosty chills are going to need to watch out for this one, the {Ceramighty AF Eye Balm} is a lightweight but buttery soft cream that is going to instantly boost hydration and elasticity. This is all thanks to the 3% ceramide blend supports your skin barrier like never before and promotes an oh-so supple finish.

malin and goetz cleanser


Branded the ‘modern apothecary’, it’s no wonder this New York-born brand has become an icon for city slickers worldwide that want a little more from their skin care. Pairing natural ingredients with advanced skin-age technology the brains behind {MALIN+GOETZ} have created a cleanser to join their army of skin-loving formulas and this one is totally worthy of your shelfie. Welcome to the stage: the {Foaming Cream Cleanser} (pause for applause). Well, what makes it different? To start, say au revoir to skin-stripping sulphates, instead, this foam is packed full of prebiotics that soothe and relax. Plus, it’s pH-balanced and has hydrating ingredients that will keep your complexion in tip-top shape. We’re talking jojoba milk, jojoba oil, a duo of glycerine and sodium PCA. Dry skin and daily grime, get ready to be taken care of…


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Niall Taylor

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