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La Roche-Posay Hyalu B range line up

It's the moment that {sensitive skin} sufferers have all been waiting for: the French pharmacy {skin care} brand with a ‘cult’ standing like no other has finally landed at Cult Beauty. Say hello to {La Roche-Posay}, born out of the desire to address a myriad of concerns for even the most delicate and reactive skin. So while we bathe in their soothing thermal spring waters let’s take a journey through the skin care saviours we will be *adding to bag* immediately and what makes this the number one dermatologist-recommended brand in the UK…

La Roche-Posay Thermal Spring Water

More Than Just Water

Harnessing the calming and soothing powers of natural thermal springs to care for sensitive skin, you’ll find this healing mineral water infused into every skin-friendly formula. Safe from pollution and bacteria, this pure and protected ‘eau’ is created deep underground where it’s able to take on mineral salts, C02 and iodine making it heads and shoulders above the water in your daily cuppa! Test the waters with the {Thermal Spring Water} if you’re not sure where to start, and mist away inflammation and irritation from dawn till dusk.


La Roche-Posay Effaclar Duo visual

Effaclar To The Rescue

Leading the way in treating blemish-prone, oily and combo skin is the infamous Effaclar range. We’re sure you’ve heard of it already but just in case this iconic treatment line has passed you by we’d like to (re)introduce you to the {Effaclar Duo+ Moisturiser For Sensitive Blemish-Prone Skin}. Undoubtedly the bestseller of this breakout-battling range, the award-winning gel treatment controls sebum and unclogs pores to leave you with dramatically clearer skin in as little as four weeks. Our fail-safe favourite salicylic acid keeps pores clear and breakouts at bay in this hydrating, glycerin-based moisturiser. You can bid adieu to post-inflammatory pigmentation too, with ‘Procerad’ taking the reigns to control pigment and tone… You’ll forget you ever even had a breakout!

La Roche-Posay Serozinc Spray

Stepping It Up With Serozinc

Sitting firmly in our skin care haul of fame is the blue bottled ‘cult-classic’ {Serozinc}. Gentle, soothing and made up of just three, yes three, complexion-boosting ingredients, this is the versatile mist you simply can’t and won’t want to be without. Perfectly formulated for all skin types, but especially suited to oily and breakout-prone skin, mist to your heart's content to tone and refresh stressed skin. Endlessly tested, this clinically proven treatment mist combines healing zinc sulphate, purified thermal water and astringent sodium chloride to create an optimal environment for your skin to recover from breakouts and keep excess oil under control. Need we say more? Didn’t think so…

La Roche-Posay Anthelios UVMune SPF

SPF 101

We know it’s not the most traditionally exciting topic (present company excluded) but SPF hygiene is the KEY to good skin. Yet we all know finding a formula that you actually want to apply day in and day out can be harder than anticipated… especially when you’re battling breakouts, excess oil and sensitive skin. Are we right? Enter {Anthelios}, the sun protection offering to answer the needs of every skin type, concern and finish. Climbing the charts as our new go-to protector is the {Anthelios UVMune 400 Invisible Fluid SPF50+ Sun Cream}. Brandishing bragging rights with an exclusive sun filter (‘Mexoryl 400’) to protect skin against even ultra-long UVA rays in a sweat, sand and water-resistant invisible fluid formula, this really goes above and beyond SPF-pectations. The perfect base for make up, and safe for use on sensitive skin types there’s no excuse to skimp on your daily dose of sun cream anymore with a formula this good.

Bringing the lusted-after French pharmacy experience direct to your dressing table to solve all of your skincare woes, La Roche-Posay has us falling hook, line and sinker into their comforting thermal waters.



Natalie Cohn
Natalie Cohn Writer and expert

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