The Homebody Beauty trend we’re living by

Whether you’ve always seen yourself as a ‘homebody’, or the pandemic has forced you to reluctantly embrace the title, it’s safe to say we’ve all spent a whole lot more time at home than we could have ever imagined. On a mission to make our spaces anything but stagnant, we’ve occupied ourselves with DIY projects – if you’re not following at least five home renovation TikTok accounts, is it even lockdown? – and interior investments to cultivate a welcoming warmth that makes working from home less of a drag.

We’ve come to class this movement as {Homebody Beauty}: the home, reinvented for maximum wellness. And it inspired us to trawl the beautysphere for cult discoveries that would enhance our everyday lives. Comprised of innovative releases, our Homebody Beauty category has everything you need to upgrade your space into a harmonious home-work-gym hybrid.


If like us you bought a resistance band in the first lockdown and then proceeded to just… never use it, allow us to introduce you to a brand that’s famed for sparking motivation: {P.volve}. Honing an accessible fitness method that’s based around low-impact – your neighbours will thank you for it – high-intensity movements, this innovative equipment will make getting active feel all-the-more manageable, and set you on course for a stronger, more sculpted physique. Our favourite? The {P.3 Trainer} is a total-body toning system that will have you feeling the burn from your bum to your biceps.


We’ve talked about home becoming the new gym but how about the new aesthetician’s office? That’s where {NuFACE} comes in… Mimicking the payoff of an effortlessly easy, non-invasive facelift – all from the comfort of your sofa – their rave-reviewed {Trinity Facial Toning Device} harnesses advanced ‘microcurrent’ technology that emits extremely low-voltage electrical currents to stimulate collagen and elastin production and repair skin. Expect even and radiant skin with less visible lines and wrinkles.


Something of an investment for the no-longer-homebound future, yet equally as handy for nailing your daily water quota, {LARQ} is committed to helping you access pristine drinking water, easily and sustainably. We don’t know about you but in the past, we’ve been a little loose with the upkeep of our reusable water bottles – some are definitely overdue being recycled – and that’s where LARQ comes in; aligning innovative technology with inspirational design, their self-cleaning {LARQ Bottle} actually purifies your water, eradicating up to 99.9999% of bacteria and 99.99% of viruses, with its proprietary PureVis™ technology. We’ll drink to that!


No spoonful of sugar is needed with the playful chews and clever capsules from {HUM Nutrition}. Helping you on your way to a variety of health and wellness goals, these targeted, clinically proven remedies can be mixed and matched, for a routine that’s tailored to you. Looking to level out during periods of stress (read: the last year), their {Calm Sweet Calm} gummies are crafted with thoughtful doses of ashwagandha (an adaptogen herb that’s been used for millennia across Asia) and L-theanine that are proven to help reduce cortisol levels, increase relaxation and boost your mood. 


Okay, so we’ve covered the office, the gym and the aesthetician, but how about the acupuncturist? Recreate your favourite stress-relieving treatment with {Vie Healing}: a wellness brand that champions a holistic lifestyle with game-changing acupuncture treatments. We often underestimate how our ears affect our general wellbeing – from our balance to our cognitive health – but Vie Healing’s {24k Gold Ear Seeds} use the practice of reflexology to alleviate stress, jet lag, aches and pains as well as boosting your mood, depending on where you position them. Colour us impressed (and relaxed)…


Sure, fitness can start at home but why should it have to stay there? Living by the mantra ‘good things come to those who sweat’, the wife-and-husband duo behind {Bala} set out in 2018 to create a line of functional fitness accessories that could fit into your everyday routine as easily as your workout sessions. That’s how the {Bala Bangles} were born; stylish, comfortable and incredibly versatile, they can be worn on wrists or ankles for training and recreational activities alike. So fold laundry, shred your biceps, go for a walk or train your core – the world just became your gym.


It only takes having a shower in a different part of the country (admittedly, not something we’ve had to worry about for a while) to notice just how much of an effect water has on your skin and strands. That’s why the minds behind {HELLO KLEAN} created their fan-favourite {Shower Filter}. Capturing impurities, minerals that contribute to soap scum and drying your skin, bacteria and chlorine, the screw-on filter (don’t be deterred, it’s super easy to fit) effectively improves the quality of the water flowing over you.


Now, if you’ve found yourself forking out for a monthly gym membership only to solely use the sauna – there is zero judgement here – allow us to introduce you to {HigherDOSE}. Inspired by the wellness rituals of the rich and famous, their {Infrared Sauna Blanket} harnesses far infrared rays to raise your body’s thermal energy (read: make you sweat like you’ve just run for the bus in your winter coat) to encourage your system to dispel toxins, as well as boosting your heart rate to promote a radiant glow. Simply put, it tricks your body into thinking you’re working out by making you sweat – all while lying down. Sounds like our kind of investment…


If you’ve ever stumbled across the {Déesse} mask and longed to reach into the screen and grab it (this is a daily practice for us…), then allow us to introduce you to the {Déesse Pro Express}: a mini reincarnation of the original and bestselling mask that boasts similar light therapy practices at a fraction of the price. Its efficacious, one-stop-shop treatment mode uses and focuses on two unique wavelengths – 633nm (red) and 830nm (near infrared) – to boost elastin production, stimulate collagen and improve circulation, revealing dewy, youthful, even skin.


Bethan Robinson

Bethan Robinson

Senior Copywriter

Bethan is a Senior Copywriter at Cult Beauty. When she’s not trying to perfect the ultimate ‘no make up’ make up look — she swears by Saie — or find new skin care to fall for, she’s likely playing video games, making the most of her housemate’s MUBI account or strolling around Victoria Park with a pastry in hand.