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Shower smarter with Hello Klean. Dreaming up innovative tools and tonics, the brand is on a mission to address all water woes by making it softer on your strands and skin. From its signature Shower Filter (a handy screw-on attachment), that purifies your H2O of 90% chlorine, hard minerals and impurities, to the dedicated hard water shampoos, these tresses treasures are here to save the (hair wash) day!



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Founded in 2019, Hello Klean is the indie beauty brand that’s rescuing hair and skin from the effects of hard water. Starting with the Shower Filter, this clever contraption was developed to reduce unwanted minerals in hard H2O, help remove product buildup on the scalp and restore balance to your lengths. Making a splash in the beauty industry, the brand has continued to evolve creating hard working products that help to improve the look and feel of your tresses. In 2023 the brand appeared on Dragons Den, winning an investment from the host of How to be a CEO, Steven Bartlet. And the rest, as they say, is history.


Through Hello Klean’s founder and CEO Karlee Oz’s constant traveling, she noticed the negative impact this had on her skin and hair, once she returned home. Struggling with hair loss and a dry and irritated complexion, her first port of call was to change her beauty routine. Having no results when she also incorporated health supplements, Karlee realised that it was the hard water in London that was impacting her skin and strands... And not her daily products. So, she set out to create a water purifying system that can neutralise heavy metals and minerals and remove chlorine — the main culprit of dry skin.


The first product from Hello Klean, that catapulted the brand into bathrooms worldwide, was the Shower Filter. With an easy to screw-on installation, this sleek tool effectively improves the quality of your water so that you can enjoy smoother, softer skin and hair. With its stainless-steel mesh, the Shower Filter quickly captures sand and other sediments, contains calcium sulphite to remove chlorine and granular activated carbon to remove bacteria, mould and odours. Not only that, but with the addition of ceramic beads, the shower filter also helps balance the pH of your shower water too. Now all that’s left to do is jump in and lather up.