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Introducing OLAPLEX’s new No. 0 Treatment Kit

*Fanfare* Announcing the soon-to-arrive hair care saviour: {No. 0 Intensive Bond Building Hair Treatment Kit}! *curtseys* Nothing less than hair care royalty — their formulas are sure to be the crowning glory of your routine — {OLAPLEX} is a cult-classic brand that grew from a salon-exclusive experience to the at-home hero it is today. At the core of its celebrity? A patented active ingredient called that works on a molecular level to seek out broken bonds in your hair (caused by chemical, thermal and mechanical damage) and repair them. The latest in a no-so-long line of releases, this innovative formula is here to supercharge the streamlined collection…

Priming your hair for intensive repair, the all-new No. 0 Intensive Bond Building Treatment harnesses the highest(!) dose of patented OLAPLEX technology in any take-home product. Sign us up! Intended to work as a two-part process, the restorative No. 0 formula acts as a primer to the industry-adored No. 3 Hair Perfector (which features in the kit as a sized-to-try bottle), amplifying the efficacy of both treatments to rebuild damaged hair bonds, strengthen and protect your hair’s integrity. As always, the star ingredient is bis-aminopropyl diglycol dimaleate – sounds science-y but it will restore and repair chemical-treated, heat-ridden hair. Working its magic on all hair types and textures – as the whole OLAPLEX line does – this treatment works even if you’ve never tainted your locks with colour or tongs, but it’s most beneficial to intensely damaged lengths; the more often No. 0 is used, the healthier your hair will become. Sound like something your tresses would love?

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Bethan Robinson

Bethan Robinson

Senior Copywriter

Bethan is a Senior Copywriter at Cult Beauty. When she’s not trying to perfect the ultimate ‘no make up’ make up look — she swears by Saie — or find new skin care to fall for, she’s likely playing video games, making the most of her housemate’s MUBI account or strolling around Victoria Park with a pastry in hand.