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Meet the next generation of tools tipped to transform your ritual

From straightening irons that actually hydrate your hair (!), to the muscle massager that helps to alleviate aches, our suite of new gizmos has something for all of your beauty and wellbeing needs…

Harnessing ‘percussive therapy’ – (it feels like there’s a drummer improvising on your thighs) – {Theragun} pummels your muscles to simulate massage without a masseuse. Borne from its founder’s own struggles with pain in the wake of a terrible motorbike accident, these ground-breaking tools are amassing a legion of die-hard disciples, who’re hooked on their ache-easing powers. With four models to choose from – with adjustable speed, force and changeable attachments to target each and every problem area (from knotty shoulders to cramping calves) – these game-changing gizmos are favoured by physiotherapists, trainers and action enthusiasts, helping to minimise downtime and speed up recovery.

Ready to upgrade your straighteners? Look no further than {Bio:Ionic} – the revolutionary range that’s set to overhaul hair health. Pioneering ‘Moisturizing Heat’ – a healthy heat that microionises water molecules to hydrate every strand while styling – the brand’s natural mineral complex is proven to minimise damage and actively cherish your lengths while providing unparalleled shine and a long-lasting lewk *bobs hair*. The {NanoIonic MX 3-in-One Styling Iron} is ingenious – wand, tong and straightening iron in one cute (and portable) gizmo, this caters to all of your styling requirements.

Always ahead of the curve when it comes to skin care innovation, Foreo’s new {BEAR Facial Toning Device} is the secret to effortless sculpting. Powered by the brand’s signature T-sonic pulsations, in collaboration with cell-energising, muscle-motivating microcurrents, this über-cute gadget takes skin to the gym – providing a (low-effort) workout that tones, lifts and tightens while making your cells manufacture the ‘stuffing’ required to keep your face plump, smooth and supple. With app-powered programs to guide you through various ‘keep fit’ regimes, consider this a brilliant ‘sk-insurance’ policy…

Taking light therapy to the next level, Déesse Pro’s strange, ‘cyborgian’ {LED Mask} has been seen on a stream of AAA-List visages (including Kim K-W, no less). Loved by super-facialist Shani Darden – who uses the mask in her treatments – this heralds a new dawn in DIY clinical treatments, with 770 medical-grade LEDs, four wavelengths and six different settings to tackle the spectrum of common concerns. With red, blue and green light, which can be used individually or in tandem to kick-start creation of collagen, fade pigmentation and soothe inflammation, this miracle worker will save you a fortune in clinical visits.

Essential for those who’re appalled and enthralled by the ‘gunk’ that reside in their pores, the {Dermapore} goes on an archaeological mission without any damaging ‘digs’. With a flat spatula that vibrates to exhume any debris, residual make up and oil that collects and contributes to blackheads, this face-shaking gadget is perfect for those who are prone to congestion – or simply like knowing their skin is clean clean. It also assists penetration of serums and treatments when switched to ‘Infuse Mode’ – acting like quick finger pats while the antibacterial blue lights zaps brewing eruptions…

Having racked up over 30 years of industry experience – not to mention a roster of clients that reads like a ‘who’s-who’ of Hollywood (from Carey Mulligan to Kim Kardashian-West and Uma Thurman) – Joanna Czech is known and loved for her unrivalled beauty glow-how. Vital for skin’s circulation, elasticity and tone, her incredible {Facial Massager} behaves like a stint in the gym for your muscles – lifting the brows and the jawline while chiselling cheekbones and oxygenating your cells so they work to create the elastin and collagen needed to keep your skin firm, toned and supple.


Verity Douglas

Verity Douglas

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