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Everything you need to know about Patchology

Skin care made easy, {patchology} is a blessing for on-the-go ‘skintellectuals’ wanting products that do more, work faster and deliver outstanding results. With a background in medical patch technology, patchology’s intelligent masks and hydrogels deliver potent ingredients straight to your cells without any going to waste so you can get maximum effects with minimal effort. 

Ahead of patchology’s launch, we sat down with the brand’s Vice President of Marketing, Jill Sherman and asked all the questions you could possibly want to know about the hi-tech brand that is bound to make your on-the-go lifestyle a complete beauty breeze.

{Cult Beauty} For those not familiar with patchology, could you talk us through the brand’s beginnings? What differentiates this from its ‘rivals’. 

{Jill Sherman} Patchology’s parent company started out in patch research and development for pharmaceutical companies. We’ve been able to take these learnings – like accelerated actives delivery and patch technologies – and transfer it into great skin care applications that work better and faster.

{CB} Sheets and gels are definitely having a moment. Can you tell us why we’ve seen a sheet mask ‘boom’ and what makes them so effective? 

{JS} They are extremely easy to use, relatively mess-free, easy to travel with, and provide an array of benefits not available in more traditional masks—like hydration, exfoliation, youth-preserving, brightening, etc.

{CB} For those new to your range, is there a ‘hero product’ guaranteed to kick-start an addiction? 

{JS} Our best seller is the {Rejuvenating Eye Gels} because they give immediate, visible improvement to the under eye area in just five minutes. Thanks to our HydraSurge5 technology combined with ingredients like caffeine, hydrolysed collagen and hyaluronic acid, the under eye area is instantly hydrated, the skin smoothed, and puffiness decreased.

{CB} What results should people expect from patchology – and how long do they usually take to manifest? 

{JS} Most of our products are created to work in 10 minutes or less — with some working in as little as five minutes! We do offer a handful of deeper treatments, like our {PoshPeel Pedicure Intensive Foot Peel}, which is designed to work over time.

{CB} Is there an age bracket or skin type that particularly stands to benefit? 

{JS} Our products aren’t really designed for a specific age or skin type. We really think about the benefits of time savings and efficacy when we create. So, anyone with a busy lifestyle, or interested in quick fixes will really benefit from {patchology}.

{CB} Do you have techniques or application tips to maximise your products’ efficacy?

{JS} We love a good #maskstack – eye gels first, then a sheet mask over top. Then for masks that purge impurities from the skin, steam your face or place a warm face cloth on the skin prior to application.

For masks that peel or exfoliate, place a cool face cloth or splash of cool water on the skin immediately after removing, followed by your favourite moisturiser.

For all other sheet masks, gently squeeze out any excess serum after removing and apply to your neck, décolletage and back of the hands.

For all eye patches, gently rub any excess serum into the skin.

{CB} What are your favourite skin care ingredients that consumers should be incorporating into their routine now? 

{JS} We are huge fans of caffeine, retinol, vitamin C and hyaluronic acid. But we’re also loving natural ingredients, like lotus flower, green tea and calendula which offer amazing skin benefits.

{CB} Which patchology products would you recommend for a long-haul flight/pre or post event?

{JS} Our FlashMasque and {FlashPatch} lineup of 5-minute quick fixes are perfect for travel, or for “faking face” after a long night out.

{CB} And if you could recommend one treatment that people should be incorporating into their wider routine, what would it be?

{JS} Our 5 minute FlashPatches are the perfect staple for any skin care or make up routine because you can wear them while you’re doing other things. You can even wear a sheet mask over them!

{CB} Do you have any advice for layering skin care effectively?

{JS} A good rule of thumb for skin care in general is start with hydration layers (water-soluble ingredients) then skin barrier layers (oil-soluble ingredients). This way you get active ingredients onto the skin, lock in the moisture, and protect it from water loss.

{CB} Finally, what’s next for patchology?

{JS} We are currently innovating in the wellness space and have some big news for the first quarter of 2020. Stay tuned!


Emmie Thornhill

Emmie Thornhill

Deputy Content Editor

Emmie is Cult Beauty’s Deputy Content Editor. Her love of skin care began in primary school when she first learned the term “hormonal acne” and has been in a love-hate relationship with tea tree oil ever since. She lives in East London – where you can normally find her baking, tending to her plant jungle or planning her next tattoo or hair cut/colour appointment – and is known to start DMCs with you about your birth chart placements, the importance of wearing SPF every day and the difference between a vagina and vulva.