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How to combat the most common winter skin woes

Cold weather? Cocktails? Too many mince pies (or too little shut-eye)? Whatever the culprit, we’ve got the solution to winter skin woes. You’ve got 99 problems – not least of which is your family’s loooong list of allergies (board games and Great Auntie Gertrude) – but, your skin needn’t be one! 

If you’re craving hydration…

Temperature changes play havoc with hydration levels. The air is less humid which means you’re undoubtedly feeling (and looking) a little bit parched. Sandwich light layers of serum and cream to preserve precious moisture and bolster skin’s barrier function.

Look out for hyaluronic acid – you’ll find it in Allies of Skin’s lates {Triple Hyaluronic Antioxidant Hydration Serum} – and follow with something that’s light but replenishing (just imagine you’re ‘dressing’ your skin – several ‘thin’ garments are snugger than one chunky jumper).

FARMACY’s {Honey Drop} cream is amazing for healing and shielding your weather-stressed visage, while frequently misting will help to replenish cells’ reservoirs. 

If blemishes need banishing…

Festive fizz and abundant sweet treats are a ticket to pimple-ville (“Stop this, I want to get off!”). Brimming with antibacterial actives and pore-purging salicylic acid, Sunday Riley’s {U.F.O. Ultra-Clarifying Face Oil} is a mean, green spot-fighting machine – burrowing deep within skin to help balance and gently expunge all the ‘bad stuff’ that leads to unwelcome eruptions.

And if breakouts are pretty persistent, ensure you’re equipped with the latest spot-stopping triumvirate, courtesy of ‘clean queen’, Indie Lee. The clue’s in the title with {Clarity Kit} – a three-step regime (cleanser, toner and oil-free hydrator) which helps to reduce tell-tale redness and vanquish your blackheads.

If crow’s feet are creeping…

Especially fragile, skin is much thinner surrounding the eyes which is why it’s the first place to prove you’ve been up to no good. Leached of the moisture that keeps your cells plump {“Thanks Prosecco!”), this delicate tissue can feel über dry and your fine lines appear much more noticeable.

Try to hydrate through the evening – follow each drink with some water – and when you get home and pass out, try to do it in ‘P**sed Princess’ style. Sleep on a {Silk Pillowcase} to prevent waking up with deep creases (it works!), and try to apply an eye cream before zonking. Failing that? Keep the (aptly branded) {C-Tango Multivitamin Eye Cream} by {Drunk Elephant} in the fridge to de-puff and diminish the give-away signs of last night in the morning…

If your glow has gone AWOL…

Misplaced your radiance? Counteract signs of the festive excesses and quickly recover your lustre with enzymes that slough away scales and a pearlescent serum to boost luminosity. SUMMER FRIDAYS’ {Overtime Mask} is the ultimate foil for your midnight oil-burning… A multi-action treatment, this fast-acting mask works to polish your skin and jump-start sluggish cells, while Dr. Barbara Sturm’s {Glow Drops} are laced with light-scattering pigments to grant a ‘soft focus’ effect so you look like an angel (even if haloes have slipped a little).


Verity Ann Douglas

Verity Ann Douglas

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