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Learn which key ingredients are perfect for your skin type

With four bestselling franchises to target the entire swathe of complexion concerns (we’re serious!), Dr. Dennis Gross has made it easy to achieve the skin you dreamed of. From boosters that brim with line-smoothing and plumping hyaluronic acid (perfect for thirsty or ultra-dry skin), to retinol-rich treatments that target your wrinkles while strengthening skin that’s beginning to sag, this brand is a total no-brainer…

If you’re blemish-prone

Reach STRAIGHT for {Alpha Beta}. Boasting a cocktail of alpha and beta-hydroxy acids, this range is essential for those plagued by breakouts, who’re bothered by dark spots or crave a smooth, glowing complexion. Refining skin’s texture while purging your pores, these targeted treatments aren’t solely for oily or acne-prone skin types – they also work wonders for wrinkles, fine lines and to fortify fragile complexions. Frightened of acids? Read our Co-Founder’s {review}…

If you skin is dry or dehydrated (more on that right {here})

Opt for {Hyaluronic Marine}. Hyaluronic acid attracts up to 1000 times its molecular weight in water, making it amazing at keeping skin hydrated – and in turn, a brilliant youth-boosting hero ingredient; water keeps cells ‘plump’ and cellular walls rigid, to diminish the depth of fine lines while enhancing skin’s ‘bounce’ for a beautifully dewy skin finish. Great for all skin types – including oily/combination – this range maintains moisture without suffocating or causing congestion, so skin feels consistently ‘fresh’ but not smothered.

If you’re looking fatigued or lacklustre

You *need* to try the {C + Collagen} edit. Vitamin C doesn’t just help to ward off a cold – it also works wonders for skin. In terms of age-defying, it’s up there with the heavy hitters (retinol, ceramides, resveratrol etc.), and if you’re just looking a bit fatigued or lacklustre, vitamin C will help swiftly recover your skin’s long-lost radiance. Coupled with collagen in this formidable range of revivers for sluggish skin cells, these orange all-stars restore joie de vivre to dulled, tired complexions and help to deflect elemental aggressors (take that pollution!). 

And if you’re looking for a youth boost

Try {Ferulic + Retinol}, stat! Unlike AHAs, which brighten skin by dissolving the bonds that bind dulling dead cells to its surface, retinol re-energises lazy fibroblasts – stimulating synthesis of skin-essential ‘scaffolding’ – the collagen, hyaluronic acid and elastin that keep skin smooth and supple. The ‘head girl’ of the anti-ageing ingredients league, there are few things retinol doesn’t do – it strengthens, plumps, elasticises, brightens, unifies and ‘youthifies’ in one fell swoop – ideal as a preventative measure, as well as a potent, time-rewinding treatment, especially when paired with antioxidant ‘ferulic’ which deflects the harmful impact of free radicals. 

Et voila! It’s time to stock your skin care wardrobe with these cutting-edge (and skin-changing!) essentials!


Verity Douglas

Verity Douglas

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