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The at-home chemical peel with mind-blowing results

“I was the (VERY WILLING) guinea pig for Dr. Dennis Gross Skincare’s most ‘cult’ product – the {Alpha Beta Daily Face Peel} – and having used glycolic acid on my face before, I plumped straight for the potent, {Extra Strength} edition (always).

 “These glycolic-based pads work in two stages. The ‘Step 1’ pad is the only one on the market to combine all five exfoliating acids – glycolic, lactic, malic, citric and salicylic – while ‘Step 2’ features pads soaked in a cocktail of protective antioxidants (including retinol, ubiquinone and vine-derived resveratrol) to intensively replenish the ‘resurfaced’ skin.

“When applied one after the other, they promise to “combat fine lines, enlarged pores, blemishes, dark spots and redness” whilst helping to revitalise and unify “uneven, scarred or lacklustre complexions”.  Free radical-fighting ingredients then work to strengthen skin’s defences – protecting against the skin-ageing effects of everyday environmental stress.

“I have used these every morning for two weeks, and you can see the results above (I took the pictures in the morning, standing by the same window whilst trying to pull my best ‘passport’ expression (sans make up, of course)). The results so far have been impressive – the treatment has triggered a visible reduction in the redness of my skin and left things looking much more luminous. It was also that time of the month and I’m delighted to report I dodged the usual, cystic, bang-in-the-middle-of-the-chin spot (whooop!).

“What’s more, the wrinkles ’round my eyes are definitely looking less apparent. So overall. I look younger and clearer and glow-ier – which can only be a very, very good thing. I’m continuing to the end of the 30 day treatment-cycle, because I reckon I can all but banish the insidious frown line I spotted whilst taking these snaps! Benjamin Button ain’t got nothing on me…”


Cult Beauty

Cult Beauty

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