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Why Charlotte Tilbury’s new offering is ‘Face Tune’ in a bottle

Is it a primer? Is it foundation… or is it a highlighter? The answer? {Charlotte Tilbury’s} new {Hollywood Flawless Filter} is all of the above (and then some). The nearest thing to ‘Face Tune’ in a bottle, this gorgeous dewy fluid lends all skin tones an authentic, starlet-worthy luminosity – think: Elizabeth Taylor’s pearlescent complexion or Naomie Harris’s incredible ‘lit from within’ look, and you’re close to grasping this product’s phenomenal properties.

A new species of skin perfector, this tinted elixir is laced with light-scattering particles – Charlotte’s game-changing ‘airbrush polymers’ – which lend the whole spectrum of skin tones a beautiful, ‘soft focus’ glow. Applied with a doe foot-style wand, you can use sparingly to accentuate cheekbones or dab it all over and buff for a flawlessly filtered effect.

A perfect glow-bestowing substitute for tinted moisturiser (it’s ideal for lending a chic sumthin’ sumthin’ on days when you don’t need much coverage), this can also be layered beneath your foundation to blur and enhance luminosity. Or, just apply sparingly to highlight your best assets – it’s beautiful patted on ‘high points’ to add definition and ensure you look Insta-worthy (outside of your feed).

#TeamCB have been putting {Hollywood Flawless Filter} through its paces… one of us is so in love, it’s ticked the tricky ‘Bridal make up’ box (it gives a gorgeous, flawless finish but you never look too ‘done’) while another notorious cynic is already smitten (much to her chagrin). Ms. Tilbury herself calls it ‘the ultimate high gloss, high glow celebrity skin filter in a bottle’ – and who are we to argue with the A-List’s go-to make up guru?

The hard-working hero your make up bag’s craving, invest in this magical, ‘film star’ fluid and prepare to recapture your radiance. Just glow forth and wait for the compliments…



Verity Douglas

Verity Douglas

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