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New beauty buzz-term: it’s time to get acquainted with the ‘golden phase’

We speak to the K-Beauty new kids on the block ‘Saturday Skin’ about the latest need-to-know skin care phrase …

We all know hormonal fluctuations throughout the month can wreak havoc with our skin (hello pre-menstrual break outs!) But there’s also a specific time each month where your skin is looking mighty fine – and this is what new K-Beauty line {Saturday Skin} aim to capitalise on. The result? Your skin looks as rested and glowing as if you’ve just woken up on a weekend after a lazy lie-in (as opposed to ‘haunted’ Monday morning complexion following a 6am alarm call). That all sounds delightful and whimsical enough – but don’t be fooled, there’s some cutting-edge research behind it. We spoke to their marketing manager Gina Hong to find out more.

{Cult Beauty} First things first… what’s the significance of the brand name?

{Gina Hong} Saturday Skin embodies the effortless beauty of a Saturday afternoon along with the weekend. We wanted to capture the effects of an easy Saturday—rested and radiant skin.

{CB} It’s also every Instagrammer’s dream with its cute, pastel packaging. But this isn’t just a ‘ridiculously good-looking’ line… it harnesses some seriously advanced science. Can you tell us a bit more about the ‘brains’ behind the ‘beauty’?

{GH} Saturday Skin is a part of Chalogy, Inc. Chalogy, Inc.’s parent company is CHA Health Systems which was established in 1960. It’s a global biomedical network. Within the network is the notable CHAUM Wellness Centre. The holistic centre combines innovative diagnostic techniques, Eastern and Western therapies and breakthrough scientific discoveries.

As a part of their commitment to advancing women’s health, the scientists at CHAUM have developed proprietary biocompatible formulas designed to activate the skin’s own naturally occurring regeneration process and preserve youth continuously. These exclusive formulas are the foundation of CHALOGY, a breakthrough skincare line that extends the benefits of CHAUM to women of all ages.

{CB} The hero ingredient is the Cha-7 es complex – which sounds dauntingly futuristic. Can you talk us through what it is, and how it works to preserve youthful skin?

{GH} The Cha-7 es complex is our proprietary blend of peptides that address concerns in skin-ageing. Peptides help to enhance skin’s natural regeneration process, and this is important because as we age, the system slows down. Each peptide in our complex addresses different areas of ageing such as loss of elasticity, photo-ageing, hydration, fine lines, and more. In combination, the complex works to synergistically enhance skin’s overall vitality. Also, our bio-tech background helps amp up our formulas and knowledge of the biorhythms of women’s health and their bodies.

{CB} The phrase ‘golden phase’ also seems a bit whimsical. Are you able to explain – in layperson’s terms – what this means, and how a skin care product can impact on this (seemingly magical) state?

The ‘golden phase’ is referring to your skin’s best stage which lasts about a week. Researchers at our company identified this unique phase as the time when women are ovulating, where skin is brighter and fresher due to a boost in the natural regeneration phase.

This singular discovery led to the development of the Cha-7 es complex™, which activates the skin’s own naturally occurring regeneration process to extend this ‘golden phase’ continuously. By suspending skin in this optimal stage, the Cha-7 es complex™ doesn’t fight ageing—it preserves youth.

{CB} A fusion of Western and Eastern approaches to science and overall wellbeing, Saturday Skin brings together the best of both worlds to prolong skin’s health and vibrancy. What are the most important factors when it comes to postponing the tell-tale signs of cellular slowdown?

{GH} Korean beauty is a holistic approach – we believe outer beauty comes from inner beauty. A good diet and daily skincare regimen gets passed down from generation to generation. In order to maintain skin’s health, Korean beauty centers on the notion that you must take the time to take care of yourself in all aspects of your life.

{CB} And for those who’re brand new to the brand, what’s the ‘hero’ product – the thing that’s guaranteed to start a ‘Saturday’ addiction…?

{GH} Definitely the {Wide Awake Brightening Eye Cream} and {Spotlight Brightening Mask}. These key products jump-start the addiction to getting an effortless, radiant Saturday Skin vibe. The Spotlight Mask features brightening antioxidants and enzymes that instantly help to enhance radiance and even out your skin tone. The Wide Awake eye cream contains date seed extract and absorbs quickly to improve hydration and luminosity around the delicate eye area.

{CB} And aside from great skin care, are there other (non-topical) ways to ensure our complexion stays looking great for longer…?

A great way to stay looking great for longer is a definitely in maintaining a healthy lifestyle and positive outlook. Amazing things come when you are able to consistently stay balanced in self-care and positivity!

{CB} Finally, what’s next for Saturday Skin? It’s already winning prestigious awards… what does the (near) future hold for this game-changing range?

We look forward to exploring advancing the line’s formulation and ingredients and launching more products within the range. It’s a lot of fun and innovation ahead for us!


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