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Beauty treats to please the friend who already has everything

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We’ve all got that friend-who-has-everything but, with our guide you can dodge the lamentable, last-minute dash and find something to thrill every gift-giver's nemesis. We’ve rounded up out-of-the-ordinary presents — from silk pillowcases to cool skindie brands — to elicit a squeal of delight from the beauty-besotted. So, don’t be defeated and dolefully wrap yet another predictable palette (they’ve already bought it!) — peruse our suggestions and treat them to something delightfully different instead.  


The luxury (affordable!) necessity they never knew they needed, Trudon’s heavenly Scented Matches permit effortless access to barely-there wicks while injecting a shot of pizzazz to a workaday action (and who doesn’t need that?). Housed in beautifully illustrated boxes and scented with either Ernesto (Rum & Leather) or Abd El Kader (Mint Tea & Vanilla), these will upgrade a tablescape, lend their soft scent to an underwear drawer or... spark joy when they’re used as intended.  


11 reviews


No skintellectual would snub a box of fancy face cloths, and VOTARY’s ultra-plush flannels are generously sized and sumptuously soft. Proof Point-approved (the brand is Leaping Bunny certified), these will instantly elevate any regime by removing the last specks of make up and grime as they ever-so-gently exfoliate — plus, the fact that there’s five means there’s always a fresh one (in theory).  


41 reviews


7 reviews


Why not play cupid and introduce someone you love to their sensory soul mate? A discovery box is a brilliant way to avoid a perfumery faux pas while offering them an olfactory banquet. Spanning the range of their British-inspired creations, Laboratory Perfumes’ Lifestyle Set is a brilliant gift (with the *perfect* Wes Anderson vibes), while Maison Margiela’s Memory Box boasts 10 pocket-sized, highly evocative scents that will whisk them all over the globe — from the beach to the underground jazz bar. 



An at-home acupuncturist (sort of), the Bed of Nails helps to alleviate aches so it’s great for your friends of athletic persuasion, while also promoting a sense of wellbeing by working to ease inflammation. The Eco Pillow is made from biodegradable natural linen studded with 2,100 non-toxic and recyclable plastic ‘nails’, and is great for those who suffer trouble sleeping, have neck or shoulder pain or have a desk job... bringing welcome relief from the stress of the day while relaxing their muscles to help them unwind. 


66 reviews


Such stuff as dreams are made on, Slip’s Silk Pillowcase is woven from 100% pure mulberry silk which, unlike its cotton counterparts, helps to minimise friction which wards against creases and keeps tresses healthy (and cleaner for longer!). Making anyone feel like the star in their very own Hollywood movie (just us?), these slippery cases are great if you’ve splurged on a blowout, as well as for lending some luxury vibes to a bedroom aesthetic — just choose from the spectrum of soft, subtle shades.  


120 reviews


A boon for any self-care obsessive, Dieux Skin’s viral Forever Eye Masks are eye-deal for those who like to mask (and selfie). Designed to enhance the effects of your under-eye treatment, these silicone patches adhere to your gels, creams and serums to aid penetration (and amp up the impact) while helping to mitigate waste. Just wash, dry and use them again and again (and again...) — they’re multi-award-winning for a reason. 


3 reviews


Slashing drying time while respecting their delicate lengths, Ceremonia’s colourful Microfiber Hair Towel is ultra-absorbent to wick away moisture without any friction. Great for a friend blessed with waves, curls or kinks, as well as those bothered about frizz and flyaways, this helps to ward against breakage while keeping their post-shower hair off their face with its super-cute toggle. What’s more, the brand is FSC and Leaping Bunny-certified, so it’s good for the conscience, as well as the strands. 


1 reviews


We said “brrrrr”, it’s cold in here... a must for fans of Bring It On, Vanilla Ice and, well, all things skin care, Pacifica’s Chill Baby Cooling Cryo Globes work to de-puff as they subtly sculpt and reduce irritation. With two different sizes to hug every contour, these help to eliminate signs of fatigue as they reassure sensitive, compromised skin. They also allow for a heavenly neck and shoulder massage (if you can find someone to wield them).  



There’s nothing to rival the thrill of discovering skin care and, with travel-compatible kits from cool, burgeoning brands, you can introduce someone to products that chime with their principles. BYOMA’s PETA-certified So Hydrated Set is a cold-weather hero — protecting the skin barrier while delivering a hefty dose of dew — while Decree’s Mini Essentials Set not only brings in-office expertise to evening rituals but,comes with Female-Led and Female Founded Proof Points. 


6 reviews

If your friend’s always lugging a sad-looking litre of water around, they’ll appreciate LARQ’s stylish, water-purifying offering. Eradicating up to 99.9999% of bacteria and 99.99% of viruses with is proprietary PureVis technology, this is a boon for gym enthusiasts, as well as anyone who’s tried to find a way to clean the mouldy bottom of a bottle... Filter free and utilising hospital-approved sterilisation techniques, this is powered by a rechargeable lithium battery and is double wall-insulated to keep drinks hot or cool for hours, it’s a practical present — as well as an incentive to stay hydrated! 

Verity Douglas
Verity Douglas Writer and expert
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