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She’s so Cult: Thea Green

To celebrate the latest, eagerly-anticipated (rave-reviewed!) launch of her latest venture – {INC.redible} – we pitched some searching questions to the entrepreneurial queen of the beauty scene, Thea Green. Read on to learn about her inspirations, take on beauty trends and which {Cult Beauty} products she adores…

{Cult Beauty} Firstly, can we talk a little bit about your journey through the beauty industry and how you have arrived at this point? What drove you to set up {Nails Inc}, and what inspired you to make the leap from nails to make up?

{Thea Green} Being an Editor I was travelling backwards and forwards from the USA and was so impressed by the speedy efficient nail bars over there which just didn’t exist in the UK. But even in The States nobody was doing it complete with a fashionable high quality nail product, there was no brand leader. I was inspired to launch both a nail product and service. I think of {Nails Inc} as much of a fashion brand as I do a beauty company.

I am so proud to be launching {INC.redible} cosmetics. It’s got all the DNA of Nails Inc. I wanted to launch an innovative cosmetic range that’s all about being your most INC.redible self, it celebrates our customer and is a brand with a very positive vibe. Everyone should have the right to feel {INC.redible} – right?

{CB} Who (or what) do you consider inspirational? Do you have a make up muse, or is there a particular trend or time that feeds your imagination?

{TG} I find my team inspiring, they are so creative and have the best ideas. I am generally inspired by what’s around me, I find colour inspiration in everything from evolving fashion to interiors to street style. Instagram is a constant source of inspo. I get some great naming ideas from music and song lyrics.

{CB} We’re in the midst of overwhelming ‘90s nostalgia (our Insta-feed is flooded with pictures of Cher Horowitz and Kate Moss in her CK heyday). What do you think’s triggering this ongoing obsession, and who do you consider ‘90s icons?

{TG} I love the ’90s and it’s looking even better second time round, Kate Moss obviously, the Spice Girls for true girl power and grit making anything possible for the average girl. Winona Ryder and iconic Tarantino movies are so relevant right now. We seem to be in a playful, fun-infused, emoji-crazy time, maybe its driven by the desire for light relief and the need for frivolous fashion.

{CB} Make up-wise, which {INC.redible} product is your favourite? Which do you think’s guaranteed to kick-start an addiction to the brand?

{TG} {Jelly Shot} for me is my favourite product pre-lipstick – it helps nourish, moisturise and repair lips. We have used a blend of avocado, vitamin E and rice bran oil. I just chuck it in my make up bag and use it like a lip moisturiser!

{Foiling Around} is then the perfect day-to-night lip colour. With seven shades to choose from you can really crack this foil trend which is all over Instagram! We wanted to create shades that were wearable from subtle gold shades through to bolder reds. I use it if I’m going out and haven’t got time to change, it just adds that extra bit of glam!

And finally (sorry!) {Pushing Everyday} has an easy lip click pen component. Its officially my essential every day go-to lipstick, there are six shades to choose from which I coordinate with my mood/outfit! Its infused with jojoba oil which gives a silky satin effect that will last the day without drying out my lips.

{INC.redible} is all about delivering something different so I think consumers will really enjoy the trend-led, fashion-forward products like {In A Dream World} and {Foiling Around}.

{CB} And what’s your perfect party season make up look? If you have to bring about a rapid deskside turnaround, which products would you reach for to ensure you’re dancefloor-ready?

{TG} OUAI’s {Dry Shampoo} – I bought it from you recently – the best! I also love the Anastasia {Glow Kit} – it makes me look awake and glowy even when I am surviving on little sleep and jet lag! INC.redible {Foiling Around} – our foil lip paint in ‘My Dirty Brain’, a sumptuous rose gold. It makes for a great statement lip for instant night-time glamour – super modern and on trend yet ultra-wearable.

{CB} Are you identifying any trends we need to know about? Unicorns, mermaids and glitter are big ‘things’ right now, but what do you anticipate we’ll soon be seeing more of?

{TG} We have some amazing mermaid-inspired products launching and this trend is set to continue. Customers are loving ’90s gloss and I see that as a real trend in 2018. Our customers are also so great at showing us how they use our products mixing two or three lip products or using a gloss on eyes and cheeks. In the world of nails – fun is back so expect cool effects and popping brights!

{CB} And finally, which other Cult Beauty products do you swear by (we love to snoop at people’s skin care rituals)?

{TG} I am obsessed with Cult Beauty (thanks Thea!) and I trust it so much, it’s the perfect edit and I know you guys are tough critics. Only the best make it onto the site! I love Anastasia’s {Glow Kit} and Bella Freud’s {candles} – I am going to be stocking up on these as cool Christmas gifts. Sunday Riley’s {Cellular Face Oil} for under-eye make up its sooo good, and I’ve bought Brazillian {Bum Bum Cream} – I am trusting you guys that this is going to give me the best booty in London!

With big thanks to Thea and her amazing team at {INC.redible}. To discover the range and shop Thea’s INC.redible favourites, simply follow this {link}.

Verity Douglas

Verity Douglas

Content Editor

Verity is our Content Editor and a Cult Beauty veteran. Currently on maternity leave, raising Cult Beauty’s honorary ‘word nerd’, Tabitha, she speaks fluent ‘beauty’ and loves nothing more than the marriage of language and lip balm (and cleanser and candles… ad infinitum). Nothing can stop her from quoting Nancy Mitford, treating herself to yet another Bella Freud candle for her desk or buying that pilgrim-esque collared or heavily fringed outfit she’s been eyeing. You can trust her to debunk widespread beauty myths and dispense invaluable advice with ease…