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8 global ingredients you need to know about

From Patagonian maqui berries to Icelandic kelp via Polynesian tamanu fruit extract, it’s time to get acquainted with the super-charged ingredients about to transform your complexion…

Maqui berry from Patagonia

Superseding fruits such as açai and mangosteen, maqui berry is believed to be the world’s most potent antioxidant. Resembling a blackcurrant, this berry thrives in the pure, Patagonian atmosphere and works to neutralise cell-damaging free radicals to prolong your skin’s youthful bloom. The key ingredient in SkinOwl’s latest {Beauty Drops}, this gorgeous oil is ideal for ‘undoing’ the day’s damage so you wake up with an enviable glow. 

Kelp from Iceland

Brimming with skin-loving minerals, Icelandic kelp is the star of skyn ICELAND’s otherworldly range – particularly potent in the brand’s bestselling {Brightening Eye Serum with Arctic Peptides}. Equipped to withstand unforgiving Icelandic environments, the native marine plants and algaes are chock-full of much-needed minerals, to suffuse sluggish cells with a revitalising ‘shot’ of plumping nutrients.

Marula from South Africa

The cornerstone of African Botanics’ gorgeous range of skin-healing elixirs, {Pure Marula Oil} is extracted from the marula nut – the stone at the heart of these plum-like South African fruits. Another super-charged source of antioxidants, these heavenly elixirs have incredible free radical-scavenging properties – protecting from the everyday environmental onslaught to keep skin smooth, supple and resistant to the elemental stress.

Guaraná from Brazil

One of the weirdest looking fruits we’ve ever seen, guaraná is native to the Amazon and one of the world’s most concentrated sources of caffeine. Brilliant for boosting circulation, you’ll find it by the bucket-load in Sol de Janeiro’s {Brazilian Bum Bum Cream}, which works to tone and tighten les derrières everywhere. Great for cellulite and lifting less-than-pert posteriors, this incredibly-scented cream will guarantee your ‘peach’ is always Rio-ready…

Green clay from France

One of the world’s most valued clays, {IMMUNOCOLOGIE} mine the finest montmorillonite (French green) mud from France’s southern coast. Brilliantly detoxifying, their clever, non-drying {Vital Clay} simultaneously ‘feeds’ your face with vitalising minerals – including copper, magnesium, zinc and calcium – while attracting and eliminating the embedded, pore-clogging dirt and grime to restore clarity to your complexion. A kiss of life for congested, inflamed or problem-prone skin types, this range successfully deflects skin-damaging pathogens to maintain youthful ‘bounce’ and luminosity.

Tamanu fruit from Polynesia

With its impressive healing capabilities, it’s no surprise Farsáli have elected to harness this fruit’s calming and regenerative skills. The brand’s bestselling {Volcanic Elixir} is pure, unadulterated tamanu fruit oil which demonstrates phenomenal anti-inflammatory prowess – quickly quelling redness, reducing breakouts and accelerating blemishes’ demise. A bathroom cabinet must-have for all those with acneic of spot-prone skins.

Molokai black sea salt from Hawaii

Handmade on Hawaii, Leahlani Skincare’s {Kokoleka Ritual Dessert Facial Mask} is jam-packed with a blend of all-natural Hawaiian ingredients – raw honey, coconut extracts and native nectars – alongside black salt from Molokai, one of the state’s most fertile islands. Naturally rich in coconut-derived charcoal, this makes a wonderful detoxifying treatment for all skin types – neutralising pollutants and ageing free radicals, while respecting skin’s delicate moisture balance.

Thermal water from Hungary

Renowned for its beautiful thermal baths, Hungary – particularly in and around Budapest – is home to many of the world’s most stunning spas. With the earth’s crust at its thinnest in this region, minerals are better able to absorb into the water which is why skin care brands (such as {Omorovicza}) have built their range around its brilliant skin-healing properties. Powerfully youth-preserving, legend has it that the best-loved {Queen of Hungary Mist} was used religiously by its namesake, prompting a proposal from the 25-year old king-to-be when the queen was approaching the end of her life…



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