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5 cleansers beauty editors can’t get enough of

Awaken sluggish cells or dissolve every trace of grime with our pick of the best new (and iconic) cleansing formulas the editors can’t get enough of…

Best for congested complexions, Tata Harper’s {Purifying Cleanser} has a rapid and dramatic impact. Within days you will notice an improvement in overall clarity – with fewer blemishes, diminished scarring and reduced redness. Boasting exfoliating fruit enzymes and natural, cell-stimulating actives, this boosts regeneration and encourages elimination of accumulated toxins. It’s a brilliant second-step cleanser – ideal at the end of a long day exposed to the urban onslaught (it helps neutralise ageing pollutants).

Best for lacklustre skin, Pixi’s bestselling {Glow Mud Cleanser} combines clarifying cleansing mud with 5% glycolic acid to refine and brighten dulled or compromised complexions. Ideal if your skin’s showing signs of fatigue, this gently (but effectively) removes dead surface cells and helps to stimulate turnover so your face feels ‘plumped’ and dewy with a gorgeous, youthful glow. 

Best for city dwellers, Oskia’s new {Citylife Cleansing Concentrate} has a refreshing foaming formula which works to remove every trace of ‘day’ – dissolving sunscreen, make up, dirt and damaging aggressors without disrupting your skin’s equilibrium. Sufficiently mild for all skin types, this clever formula is packed with free radical-fighting vitamins, collagen-boosting MSM, calming lavender and vitamin F to prevent irritation.

For cleansing balm addicts, Eve Lom’s eagerly anticipated ‘hybrid’ incarnation of their best-loved {Cleanser} has arrived (at last!) and it is everything. Both balm and gel, the new, imaginatively entitled {Gel Balm Cleanser} showcases the very best of both – ‘gripping’ and eliminating every trace of grime to leave pores free from clogging oils and other blemish-causing nasties. Silky and easily rinsed (there’s no need for a cloth when you’re in a mad rush), this is the morning-time relation to its much-lauded progenitor. 

For petal-esque complexions, REN’s {Rosa Centifolia Hot Cloth Cleanser} is enriched with rose damascena extract to bring welcome relief from the symptoms of stressed-out or sensitised skin types. A gentle yet hard-working cream formulation, this rids impurities while strengthening your skin’s defences – gradually increasing its resistance to the everyday environmental onslaught.

Still not sure which cleansing formula is right for you? Take our {Skin Care Quiz} to quickly whittle down your options.


Verity Douglas

Verity Douglas

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